Get ready to dive into the captivating world of Queen Of Divorce as it graces the screens in the Philippines on JTBC. Premiering on January 31, 2024, this Korean drama promises an enticing mix of legal intrigue, drama, and a fresh perspective on marriage justice. For Filipino viewers eager to embark on this emotional journey, we’ve curated all the essential information on where and how to watch Queen Of Divorce in Philippines.

Where to Watch Queen Of Divorce in Philippines?

Embark on a captivating journey as Queen Of Divorce unfolds its drama on JTBC, available through various online streaming platforms for viewers in the Philippines. Yet, in the face of regional restrictions, envision a seamless escape with the essential tool that transforms your viewing experience – a VPN. Unlock the series’ compelling content effortlessly and immerse yourself in the world of legal intrigue and emotional twists. The drama awaits, and the VPN is your key to an uninterrupted and enchanting viewing adventure.

Why Do You Need a VPN to Watch Queen Of Divorce in Philippines on JTBC?

JTBC’s streaming services are usually designed with a focus on South Korea, in adherence to licensing agreements. Nevertheless, the key to enjoying Queen Of Divorce in Philippines lies in utilizing a VPN. By connecting to a server based in South Korea, the VPN adeptly conceals your real location, creating the illusion that you’re watching the content directly from within South Korea. This guarantees a seamless and unrestricted access experience, allowing you to effortlessly watch Queen Of Divorce in the Philippines on JTBC.

Queen Of Divorce Plot

Embark on a riveting journey with Queen Of Divorce, where the narrative orbits around Sara Kim, brought to life by the phenomenal Lee Ji Ah. Enveloped in a tale of betrayal and loss, Sara metamorphoses into a triumphant divorce problem solver, on a quest for justice for those who’ve endured marital wrongs. Teaming up with the charismatic and eccentric lawyer, Dong Ki Joon, portrayed by the talented Kang Ki Young, they intricately navigate the labyrinth of divorce complexities, presenting a fresh and distinctive viewpoint on retribution and justice. In this captivating drama, witness the power of resilience and the pursuit of righteousness, as Queen Of Divorce unravels a story that transcends the conventional bounds of legal dramas.

Official Synopsis Of Queen Of Divorce Kdrama

A drama about Sa-ra’s refreshing solution to marriage justice.


Unveiling the Drama Delight: Queen Of Divorce Trailer Sparks Intrigue!

For a sneak peek into the drama that awaits, check out the official trailer for Queen Of Divorce. The trailer offers glimpses into the characters’ dynamics, the legal drama, and the emotional rollercoaster that viewers can expect.

Queen Of Divorce Trailer

  • Lee Ji Ah as Sara Kim
  • Kang Ki Young as Dong Ki Joon
  • Kim Sun Young as Song Jang Mi
  • Oh Min Seok as No Yul Sung
  • Na Young Hee as Chairman Cha
  • Seo Hye Won as Kang Bom
  • Lee Tae Gu as Kwon Dae Gi

Supporting Cast

  • Kim Si Hyeon
  • Na Young Hee
  • Kang Ae Sim
  • Jeong Min Jun
  • Lee Seo An

Episode Guide Of Queen Of Divorce

Mark your calendars for the episodic journey of Queen Of Divorce:

EpisodeRelease Date
1January 31, 2024
2February 3, 2024
3February 7, 2024
4February 10, 2024
5February 14, 2024
6February 17, 2024
7February 21, 2024
8February 24, 2024
9February 28, 2024
10March 2, 2024
11March 6, 2024
12 (Final)March 21, 2024


Why do I need a VPN to watch Queen Of Divorce in Philippines?

JTBC’s content is restricted to South Korea, and a VPN helps bypass these restrictions by masking your location.

Is Queen Of Divorce worth watching?

If you enjoy legal dramas with a blend of romance, betrayal, and justice, this series might be a compelling choice.

Can I watch Queen Of Divorce on Netflix?

No, Queen Of Divorce” is not currently available on Netflix. The series is accessible on JTBC.

Final Verdict:

For Filipino viewers eagerly awaiting the drama and legal intrigue of Queen Of Divorce, a VPN is your key to unlocking this series on JTBC. With an enticing plot, a stellar cast, and episodes set to captivate audiences, the series promises a thrilling experience for fans of Korean dramas in the Philippines. Don’t miss out on the drama – get your VPN ready and immerse yourself in the world of Queen Of Divorce.