Get ready for the K-drama event of 2024 as Queen Of Divorce hits your screens! It’s not just about the exciting storyline; the fantastic cast is stealing the spotlight. Premiering on JTBC on January 31, 2024, this legal drama guarantees a captivating tale led by a super-talented ensemble. Join us on a journey to discover the magical realm of the Queen of Divorce cast, their roles, and the incredible talent making this series a must-watch!

Meet the Queen Of Divorce Main Cast

Lee Ji Ah as Sara Kim

Queen Of Divorce Cast

Leading the ensemble cast is Lee Ji Ah, who takes on the role of Sara Kim, the formidable leader of Solution, a divorce resolution company. Lee Ji Ah, known for her roles in The Ghost Detective and My Mister, brings her seasoned acting prowess to portray Sara’s transformative journey. Formerly a lawyer at Chayul Law Firm, Sara faces betrayal, loses everything, and finds herself behind bars, setting the stage for a compelling narrative.

Kang Ki Young as Dong Ki Joon

Adding depth to the legal drama is Kang Ki Young, who embodies the character of Dong Ki Joon, Sara’s business partner and advisor at Solution. Recognized as the German Shepherd, Kang Ki Young, with credits in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, promises to infuse the series with intrigue and complexity.

Oh Min Seok as No Yul Sung

The role of Sara’s ex-husband and CEO of Chayul Law Firm, No Yul Sung, is portrayed by Oh Min Seok. Known for his roles in Melo Is My Nature and Defendant, Oh Min Seok’s portrayal is pivotal in setting the stage for Sara’s journey into the intricate world of divorce settlements.

Queen Of Divorce Supporting Cast

Kim Sun Young as Son Jang Mi

Queen Of Divorce Cast

Kim Sun Young celebrated for her roles in Crash Landing on You and Secret Boutique, takes on the role of Son Jang Mi, the CEO of Solution. Her character adds complexity to the dynamics within the divorce resolution company, ensuring a rich and layered narrative.

Lee Tae Gu as Kwon Dae Gi

In the shoes of Kwon Dae Gi, a member of Solution and former data security expert, is Lee Tae Gu. His expertise, coupled with his past roles in Hwarang and Tale of Nokdu, promises to contribute to the unique skill set within the company.

Seo Hye Won as Kang Bom

Queen Of Divorce Cast

Former detective turned Solution team member, Kang Bom, is embodied by Seo Hye Won. With a background in Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim, and Graceful Friends, Seo Hye Won’s character adds an intriguing element to the team, emphasizing their dedication to justice.

Kim Si Hyeon as Jang Hee Jin

Kim Si Hyeon

Taking on the role of Jang Hee Jin, the manager of Solutions Law Office, is Kim Si Hyeon. Known for her work in Love Revolution and Drama Stage, Kim Si Hyeon’s character showcases the administrative side of the divorce resolution firm, bringing balance to the ensemble.

Wrapping It All Up!

In conclusion, Queen of Divorce 2024 cast stands as a powerhouse ensemble, promising to elevate the legal drama to new heights. With Lee Ji Ah’s compelling portrayal of Sara Kim leading the charge, viewers can anticipate a transformative journey marked by betrayal, loss, and resilience. Kang Ki Young, Oh Min Seok, and the supporting cast, including Kim Sun Young, Lee Tae Gu, Seo Hye Won, and Kim Si Hyeon, contribute their exceptional talents, bringing depth and complexity to the narrative.