What To Watch On Netflix In April’s Second Week


Hard Cell (Season 1)

A documentary crew follows the convicts and employees at HMP aWoldsley. At the same time, Catherine Tate plays a variety of personas to capture the penitentiary system at its most horrific and hilarious. During her tenure as a women’s prison governor, Laura Willis, a former event coordinator, chronicles the highs and lows of life behind bars in this deliciously witty comedy series.

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The Creature Cases (Season 1)

The Creature Cases is a television series that chronicles the exploits of a unique research team that specializes in solving mysteries involving animals. In this series, we follow two clever agents named Sam Snow and Kit Casey as they solve crimes that combine real zoological facts with high-octane detective action.

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Almost Happy (Season 2)

Sebastian Wainraich has authored the scripts for the series. Sebastian Wainraich is also a part of the cast of The Walking Dead. Sebastian is the central character of the series, and his personal and professional lives are intertwined throughout the story. As a radio program presenter with just a minor amount of celebrity, Sebastián is navigating his way through the world while dealing with his ex-wife (whom he still loves) and their two kids.

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Our Great National Parks (Season 1)

Our Great National Parks is a five-part documentary series on Netflix about some of the world’s national parks and the wildlife that inhabits them, hosted by former President of the United States Barack Obama. It is an enthralling five-part documentary series on the world’s most beautiful national parks and the wildlife that thrives inside their borders.

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Smother-in-Law (Season 1)

Isadir, who has been living with her family since the epidemic hit, is always interfering in the lives of her foolish son and competing daughter-in-law and her own.

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Ultraman (Season 2)

In this anime series, Earth is experiencing a catastrophic extinction of human life, with Dark Star- an extraterrestrial organization- serving as a key contributing factor. A total of six warriors are engaged in the struggle for the existence of humanity.

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Anatomy of a Scandal (Limited Series)

Anatomy of a Scandal is a Netflix drama series that explores the disintegration of the marriage of Parliamentary minister James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend) and his wife, Sophie (Susan Sarandon) (Sienna Miller). They seem to be a typical wealthy, good-looking couple representing British politics in the eyes of the general people.

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Choose or Die (2022)

A broke college student who plays an obscure survival computer game from the 1980s hopes to win a $100,000 reward that has gone unclaimed. A sequence of unexpectedly terrible events leads her to realize that she is no longer playing for money but rather for her own life, and she must go.

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Heirs to the Land (Season 1)

Heirs to the Land is the follow-up to the 2018 Netflix series Cathedral of the Sea, both of which are based on historical fiction written by Spanish novelist Ildefonso Falcones and set in the same period. The action occurs in 14th-century Barcelona when commoners face the brunt of those in power’s intentional actions, and religion prescribes how people should behave.

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Children of an elderly lady (Asha Bhosle) who has Alzheimer’s disease move her back and forth till the oldest takes on caring for her mother.

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