How to Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2 from Anywhere

Yumi’s Cells is coming back with a Season 2 with more romance, comedy, drama and fun. It will be released on June 17, 2022. Wondering how to watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2 from anywhere in the world? Just keep on reading as we will give you a complete guide on how to do so.

Quick Steps: Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2 Online from Anywhere

As TV NZ have different content libraries restricted to particular regions that’s why it will not be available to everyone in the world. If TV NZ as well Yumi’s Cell Season 2 is not available in your region then follow the following steps.

  1. Download a VPN ( ExpressVPN or PureVPN because they are optimized for TV NZ).
  2. Look through its subscription plans and purchase any ( Option Available : PureVPN/ExpressVPN)
  3. Connect to any of the servers in the USA.
  4. Find Yumi’s Cell Season 2 from the search bar and cherish your streaming.

What’s Yumi’s Cell Season 2 About? Season 2 Spoilers ahead!

It will pick up from where it left off in season 1, Yumi is trying to move on as she has parted her way from Woong. Yoo Babi will be seen more in this season as he has taken the lead role now. Babi will also express his desire to be with Yumi and Yumi will be confused but later she will consider him.


Why Is It Necessary To Use A VPN To Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2 Outside The Korea

Total Variety Network or tvN channel is quite famous for its shows, the shows aired on tvN have an audience not only in the country but beyond its borders too. TVN Channel is a cable television channel and is subscription-based. The service is provided by the local service providers and customers have to ask for access to the channel. Each cable operator broadcasts the channel at its own predetermined rates. While the cable service is available in several countries, the online version of the channel is restricted to the borders of South Korea only, that is why you need a VPN to watch tvN channel out of South Korea.

Best VPNs To Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2

There are many VPNs on the market, but not all of them work. It’s important to choose a provider with reliable connections and fast speeds because streaming in HD requires lots of bandwidth. Of the tried and tested VPNs, we have come up with the two most reliable VPNs available in the market.

The key features we looked for in a VPN :

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  • User-friendly apps for all devices

1. ExpressVPN

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2. PureVPN


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What happened on Yumi’s Cell Season 1?

In season 1 we saw Kim Yu-Mi developing feelings for coworker Chae Woo-Ki but later on she finds out Woo-Ki is not interested in her. He makes her meet a game developer Woong and they start dating. But when Yu-Mi asked him to get married, Woong tried to refuse her by saying that it’s too early. And season 1 wrapped up with Yu-Mi and Woongs breakup. 

Where Can You Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2?   

The Korean series sequel Yumi’s Cell Season 2 will premiere on TVing KR on June 17, 2022.

Is there an official trailer for Yumi’s Cell Season 2?

Here’s the official trailer of the Korean series Yumi’s Cell Season 2 :

When is the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2 releasing?

The Korean Comedy and Romance series Yumi’s Cell Season 2 will be released on TVing KR on June 17, 2022. 

How many episodes are expected from the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2?

The Korean series Yumi’s Cell Season 2 will have a total of Fourteen Episodes.

tvN Channel Worldwide Availability

The channel is expanding its services currently tvN is available through SkyLife and IPTV. for now tvN is available in following regions:

Canal DStv Sky 1Spain
Canal DStv Sky 1Africa
Canal DStv Sky 1UK
Canal DStv Sky 1Hong Kong
Canal DStv Sky 1Macau
Canal DStv Sky 1Thailand
Canal DStv Sky 1Taiwan
Canal DStv Sky 1Singapore
Canal DStv Sky 1Indonesia
Canal DStv Sky 1Malaysia
Canal DStv Sky 1Philippines
tvN AsiaTimor Leste
tvN AsiaMyanmar
tvN AsiaSri Lanka
tvN AsiaMENA
tvN AsiaRussia
tvN AsiaMongolia
tvN AsiaEgypt
tvN AsiaTurkey
tvN AsiaBangladesh
tvN AsiaCambodia

Devices Compatible To Watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2 Outside the Korea

Following are the devices that are compatible with TvN:

  • iOS
  • macOS
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Can also set-top TV boxes
  • Gaming consoles
  • Smart TVs
  • Streaming sticks 

Who are the cast and crew members of the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2?   

Mentioned below is the cast list of Yumi’s Cell Season 2:

  • Kim Go-Eun as Kim Yu-Mi
  • Jin Young as Bobby Yoo
  • Ahn Bo-Hyun as Koo Woong
  • Lee Yoo-Bi as Ruby
  • Mi-Ram as Yi-Da
  • Jung Soon-Won as Section Chief Nam Joo-Hyuk
  • Joo Jong-Hyuk as Louis
  • Kwon Seung-Woo as Kang Han-Byeol
  • Kim Cha-Yoon as Bonnie Lee
  • Shin Ye-Eun 
  • Jun Suk-Ho

Who directed the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2?  

The series Yumi’s Cell Season 2  has been directed by Lee Sang Yeob.

How much is the series Yumi’s Cell rated on IMDB?

The series Yumi’s Cells has been rated 8.2 out of 10 on IMDB.


Yumi’s Cell Season 2  is releasing in which language?

The Korean series Yumi’s Cell Season 2  is releasing in Korean language.

When will the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2  be released on TVing KR?

Yumi’s Cell Season 2  will be released on TVing KR on June 17, 2022.

Can I watch the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2  while residing in the United States?

Yes, you can enjoy the romance and comedy series Yumi’s Cell Season 2 while residing in the United States by using a reliable VPN.

Where can I watch the series Yumi’s Cell Season 2?

You can watch Yumi’s Cell Season 2  Streaming Online on TVing KR now known as tvN.

Wrapping it Up!

That’s all ! We have given you insights and a watch guide of Yumi’s Cell Season 2.