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BBC’s Winterwatch returns with a live broadcast from the National Museum of Scotland, showcasing the finest of the season’s wildlife throughout the UK. The fauna of Edinburgh is explored when Iolo Williams and Gillian Burke go into the town.

The two will also track the progress of a badger clan hidden away in the grounds of Edinburgh Zoo and find interesting new research along the Water of Leith, Edinburgh’s wildlife highway and home to stealthy otters and marathon migratory eels.

The show continues with Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan enjoying the winter wonderland at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk. In case you missed it, Winterwatch is airing on BBC iPlayer since January 17th.

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When and Where can I watch Winterwatch 2023?

Beginning on Tuesday, January 17, at 8 p.m., BBC iPlayer is airing a great double serving of live shows spanning two weeks during Winterwatch 2023.

Official Synopsis of Winterwatch 2023 

“The winter rains have brought life back to the grazing marsh and the waterfowl and waders will provide a seasonal spectacle. The remote thermal camera will be deployed to bring us incredible scenes, allowing us to watch the behavior of Wild Ken Hill’s cast of nocturnal characters.” 

“From the ancient volcanic peak of Arthur’s Seat in the heart of the city to the expanses of the Forth Estuary, they will get a privileged view inside our fastest changing habitat. Here they will also uncover exciting new research along the Water of Leith, Edinburgh’s very own wildlife highway – home to secretive otters and marathon migrating eels – as well as charting the fortunes of a badger clan tucked away in the grounds of Edinburgh Zoo”

the BBC reveals.

Official Trailer for Winterwatch 

Here is a trailer from a previous season since we don’t have the one for Winter Watch 2023 yet. 

What is Winterwatch 2023 about?

Winterwatch 2023 will provide viewers with two distinct live wild centers and broadcast live cameras throughout our digital platforms. The program’s cameras will be set up in several locations around Wild Ken Hill’s many habitats when Chris and Michaela go to Norfolk to film for the episode. Meanwhile, Gillian and Iolo are discovering Edinburgh, Scotland’s greenest city, and its dynamic urban ecology.

There will be both live and pre-recorded segments, with the former containing features on mountain hares, backswimmers, curlews, and veteran trees with Professor Lynne Boddy and the latter with singer-songwriter David Gray.

Here is an exhaustive rundown of the pre-recorded programs:

  • Veteran trees with Professor Lynne Boddy
  • Winter gnats
  • Hermit crabs
  • Jackdaw
  • Seal pupping
  • Wading birds
  • Starlings
  • The mustelid muse
  • Moonlight kayak
  • Artistic inspiration
  • Plastic problems
  • Mountain hares
  • Backswimmers
  • Curlews – David Gray
  • Macro marvels
  • Inner city otters
  • Megan and Amir: Garden birds
  • The Wash

As a bonus, the popular 90-second “Mindfulness Moments” will be included in each episode again. The Winterwatch digital team will also provide an abundance of additional content.

Cast of Winterwatch

Presenters and professionals who guide viewers through the series are regular fixtures on Winterwatch. The presenters may change from year to year, but here are some of the people who have been on the show in the past:

  • Martin Hughes-Games
  • Gillian Burke
  • Iolo Williams
  • Helen Skelton
  • Chris Packham
  • Michaela Strachan
  • Nick Baker

The show often includes interviews with prominent figures in areas relevant to the natural world, such as ornithologists, ecologists, and conservationists. They share their knowledge and observations on the animals and environments profiled.

Who will be hosting Winterwatch in 2023?

Chris Packham

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A naturalist and wildlife photographer best known for hosting the children’s nature series The Really Wild Show in the ’80s and ’90s. He has hosted the seasonal series Springwatch and Autumnwatch since 2009, in addition to Winterwatch.

Michaela Strachan

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A broadcaster and vocalist, appeared with Packham on The Really Wild Show in 1993. She also hosted the archaeological show Digging For Treasure: Tonight with Dan Walker and was a regular on Countryfile in the 2000s. Strachan first appeared on Autumnwatch in 2011 and on Springwatch the following year.

Iolo Williams

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Iolo has hosted many wildlife shows on S4C and BBC, including Secret Life of Birds, Welsh Safari, and The Last Wilderness of Wales. Since 2010, he has hosted Springwatch, and in 2019, he began hosting Winterwatch.

Gillian Burke

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An expert in natural history. Gillian has been a host on Springwatch, Autumnwatch, and Winterwatch since 2019; she took a year off in 2022 but will be back for the 2023 season. Besides contributing to Animal Planet, she has also worked on the National Geographic special Thailand’s Wild Side.

How many episodes of Winterwatch will there be in 2023?

The premiere of Winterwatch on BBC iPlayer will take place on Tuesday, January 17, at 8 p.m. It will run for two weeks, and each episode is an hour long.

This season’s episodes will run on BBC iPlayer on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 pm beginning on January 17 and running through January 27.

Where will the livecameras roll for Winterwatch?

Chris and Michaela will work together, while Iolo and Gillian will work together as two separate teams of hosts. Chris and Michaela have returned to Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, the series’ usual home for the three seasons of “Winterwatch.”

Iolo and Gillian will broadcast live from Scotland’s greenest city, Edinburgh, where they will investigate the city’s healthy urban environment.

The Menai Straits in northern Wales, Brighton, and the Cairngorm Mountains in Scotland are all included in the pre-recorded episodes.

Winterwatch returns to BBC tonight broadcast live from Edinburgh

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan enjoy the season at Wild Ken Hill in Norfolk, where winter spectacles are in full swing.

They look at the UK’s largest jackdaw roost, as well as heartwarming stories of grey seal births along the coast and all the action captured on live cameras.

Did Gillian take a break from Winterwatch in 2022?

She previously worked as a producer on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel shows, and while Burke left the Springwatch shows in 2022 due to scheduling conflicts, she is returning for the upcoming Winterwatch season.

Which other streaming sites carry Winterwatch?

Both BBC Two and Britbox will have Winterwatch 2023.

What Else Can I watch on BBC iPlayer?

Other Popular shows like Winterwatch 2023 

  • Springwatch
  • Autumnwatch
  • Countryfile
  • The Really Wild Show
  • Nature’s Strangest Mysteries: Solved
  • Thailand’s Wild Side
  • Iolo’s Pembrokeshire
  • Iolo: A Wild Life, Iolo’s Snowdonia
  • Iolo’s Great Welsh Parks
  • Orangutan Diary
  • Digging for Treasure: Tonight

How does Winterwatch stack up on the IMDb?

Currently, Winterwatch has an average score of 7.9/10 on IMDb.

The Winterwatch’s reaction and feedback


When does Winterwatch come out?

Starting on January 17, 2023, you may watch the first episode of Winterwatch on BBC iPlayer.

Where do I watch Winterwatch?

You can watch Winterwatch on the BBC iPlayer.

What time will BBC iPlayer have Winterwatch?

The broadcast will begin at 8 o’clock.

How long has Winterwatch been airing?

Winterwatch first aired in January or February of 2012.

What’s Megan’s age on Winterwatch?

Megan, now 25 years old, has been fascinated by nature since she was a little girl.

Is Chris Packham still married?

Chris and Jo McCubbin split up 14 years ago, but his stepdaughter Megan McCubbin, now 25, has stayed close.

Is Iolo Williams there in Winterwatch?

Yes! You can find Iolo Williams in the show.

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We are wrapping it up! 

Winterwatch 2023 will return to broadcast some of the UK’s most beloved winter wildlife stories. As cameras film their winter activities, we’ll witness some fascinating animals engaging in winter pastimes.

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