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Wild Kratts, created by the adventurous Kratt brothers, is an absolute must-watch for parents and their animal-loving children. This educational children’s television series takes viewers on a thrilling journey through various animal habitats. ‘Wild Kratts’ seventh season is set to premiere on PBS on May 22, 2023, it’s an exciting time for fans of the show.

The Kratt brothers have dedicated their lives to exploring the diverse species that inhabit our planet, and their previous hit series include Kratts’ Creatures (1996), Zoboomafoo (1999-2001), and Be the Creature (2003-2007). Now, with Wild Kratts, they continue to captivate young minds with fascinating wildlife adventures and valuable lessons about the animal kingdom. So, don’t miss out.

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How and Where To Watch ‘Wild Kratts Season 7’ on PBS in the USA online?

PBS is available through a live TV streaming service. No subscription to cable or satellite is required. Get a PBS account, download the app, and you may watch hundreds of episodes of your favorite PBS shows on their official website without paying a cent.

Runtime of An Episode

The season’s episodes last 25 minutes each, which is long enough to keep you fascinated by nature’s incredible variety of animals.

Release Date Of The Season 7

The US premiere of ‘Wild Kratts Season 7’ will take place on May 22, 2023, and it will be broadcast online by PBS.

What Is The Season About?

‘Wild Kratts Season 7’ continues the adventures of the Kratt brothers, Chris and Martin, as they explore various animal habitats around the world. Each episode typically focuses on a specific animal or group of animals, highlighting their unique characteristics, behaviors, and adaptations.

The Kratt brothers utilize their Creature Power Suits, which enable them to mimic the abilities of the animals they encounter. This allows them to interact with wildlife up close, observe their behaviors, and understand the challenges they face in their natural habitats. Throughout their journeys, Chris and Martin emphasize the importance of conservation and protecting the natural world.

Wild Kratts Season 7'

Wild Kratts combines animation, live-action footage, and educational content to engage young viewers and teach them about the wonders of the animal kingdom. The program seeks to foster a love of nature and animals as well as an appreciation for wildlife and environmental care.

Details Of The Episodes

The details of Season 7 Part 1 are disclosed now, which have been listed down below.

Episode NumberTitle Of The EpisodeRelease Date
1OutfoxedMay 22, 2023
2Clever The RavenMay 23, 2023
3Race to Goat MountainMay 24, 2023
4Owl OdysseyMay 25, 2023

What Age Group Does This Show Cater to?

The target audience for the Wild Kratts television program is children between the ages of 2 and 11.

Cast Of The Season

Chris Kratt
Martin Kratt
Athena Karkanis

What Are The IMDb Ratings?

IMDb Ratings7.7/10

Fans on Twitter

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How do the Kratt brothers interact with animals?

The Kratt brothers use their Creature Power Suits, special suits that allow them to mimic the abilities and characteristics of the animals they encounter. This enables them to get up close to the animals and learn from them directly.

Is Wild Kratts available in languages other than English?

Yes, Wild Kratts has been dubbed or subtitled in various languages, making it accessible to a wider audience around the world.


In conclusion, Wild Kratts is an exciting and educational television series that sparks curiosity and love for animals and nature in children of all ages. It is must watch season. Enjoy!

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