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This October saw the release of V/H/S/99, a horror movie that is going to give you chills. The franchise of chilling found footage, created by film producer Brad Miska and his studio Bloody Disgusting, once again pulls together a wide variety of horror authors and directors to create a superb mashup of transfixing tales of horror. Watch V/H/S/99 on October 20, 2022, on Shudder.

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Why is Shudder restricted outside the USA?

Many streaming services restrict people outside specific countries from accessing their content, which means that there’s a world of entertainment that will open up when you start using a high-speed VPN service.

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What is the release date of V/H/S/99?

On October 20, 2022, V/H/S/99 will be made available to the public for Halloween.

Where to watch V/H/S/99 online?

V/H/S/99 will only be available to stream on the Shudder streaming service.

What is V/H/S/99 about?

The film generally follows a central theme, and the story of how the VHS tapes were found acts as a link between the horror anthologies, each of which has its own unique take on the genre.

There’s something for everyone and something you wouldn’t expect in every release, from aliens to demons to cults to mad scientists.

The newest one, V/H/S/99, is supposed to be set in the eponymous year 1999 and combine nostalgic themes with the series’ trademark skin-crawling, mind-bending, gut-wrenching horror.

What is the plot of V/H/S/99?

There are five separate stories in the film, all of them take place in 1999. Instead of a connecting frame story like in other V/H/S films, this one just jumps from one short to the next. 

“Ozzy’s Dungeon” is Flying Lotus’s first. This short pays homage to mid-to-late-1990s kids’ game programs like “The Legend of the Hidden Temple” by following a young girl as she competes in a weird obstacle course to win the ultimate prize of having her wish come true.

Her family plans to get revenge on the show’s host years later. Flying Lotus begins in the horror-comedy sandbox before diving into something truly weird and scary, creating a work that is both funny and terrifying.

V/H/S/99 official trailer

What’s the cast of V/H/S/99?


  • Verona Blue as Deirdre
  • Dashiell Derrickson as Chris Carbonara
  • Tybee Diskin as RC
  • Jackson Kelly as Kaleb
  • Jesse LaTourette as Rachel
  • Kelley Missal as Jessie
  • Melissa Macedo as Jessie Deux
  • Aminah Nieves as Charissa
  • Keanush Tafreshi as Ankur

“Suicide Bid”

  • Alexia Ioannides as Lily
  • Rolando Davila-Beltran as Brian

“Ozzy’s Dungeon”

  • Steven Ogg
  • Sonya Eddy
  • Stephanie Ray as Ozzy
  • Amelia Ann as Donna

“The Gawkers”

  • Luke Mullen as Dylan
  • Emily Sweet as Sandra
  • Tyler Lofton as Kurt
  • Duncan Anderson as Boner
  • Ethan Pogue as Brady
  • Cree Kawa as Mark
  • Janna Bossier as Mom
  • Wallis Barton as Emma

“To Hell And Back”

  • Joseph Winter as Troy
  • Archelaus Crisanto as Nate
  • Melanie Stone as Mabel

What are the reviews of V/H/S/99?

The quality of the episode was very inconsistent, but it did have some great moments. Nonetheless, this brand has already been shown to be popular with viewers of the genre streaming service Shudder, so it is expected to do well in those markets when it debuts on October 20. Since DVDs came out the year before the movie’s setting, 1999, it’s likely that this won’t be the last film in the series.

What is V/H/S/99‘s IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating?

IMDb Rating: 6.7 / 10

Rotten Tomatoes: 66%

What are some early reactions and comments about V/H/S/99?

Here’s what horror/thriller fans are saying about V/H/S/99 on Twitter:

Reasons to watch V/H/S/99

In this hellish world, there isn’t a dull story in V/H/S/99, yet some stand out more than others. Anyone who like films in the horror genre will find V/H/S/99 to be a treat. V/H/S/99 provides some thrilling thrills, but it falls short when it’s time to wrap up the various stories.

What else can I watch on Shudder?

Where can I watch V/H/S/99 for free?

Currently, you will able to watch V/H/S streaming on FuboTV, Hulu, Magnolia Selects, or for free with ads on Redbox, Crackle, and Pluto TV.

Who are the creators of V/H/S/99?

Brad Miska and his production company, Bloody Disgusting, are responsible for the franchise of chilling found footage films, which once again features a who’s who of horror authors and filmmakers working together to create a creative mashup of transfixing tales of terror.

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