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Get ready, anime fans! Tokyo MX (Japan) is coming up with another interesting musical anime series. As UniteUp! is scheduled to premiere in January 2023, many eagerly anticipate it with bated breath. This soon-to-be-released fantasy drama is based on the same-named video game. Fans are anxious to get their hands on any information they can because the show has the potential to rank among the most-watched anime programs of this decade. So, if you are intrigued about where to watch UniteUp!, the anime series will premiere on Tokyo MX on January 7, 2023.

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When and where to watch UniteUP!, online in 2023?

Are you interested to know where to watch UniteUP!? The Japanese anime series UniteUP!, Season 1, will air on Tokyo MX on Saturday, January 7, 2023.

UniteUP! is based on?

Beginning January 7, 2023, TOKYO MX will start airing the TV anime UniteUp! It is based on the Sony Music multidimensional idol project and is about a high school kid who enjoys singing and has posted music videos as singer KIKUNOYU. A tale of making your ideal debut with Kawachihiro. The three-person unit PROTOSTAR’s founding and the first appearance of people engaged in tasks other than painting are both depicted in the first PV. PROTOSTAR has also been featured in a vital image sporting brand-new attire.

What to expect from UniteUP!?

An innovative animated series UniteUp!, takes place in a vibrant imagination and potent storytelling realm. Animation enthusiasts may anticipate a distinctive experience that will bring them back for more. UniteUp! will be a favourite with fans of all ages thanks to its distinct art style, compelling plots, and engaging characters. With the launch of UniteUp!, be ready to enter a world of fantasy and adventure.

The UniteUP! Official Trailer

Below is the official trailer of UniteUp!

At what time will UniteUP! be airing?

The musical anime UniteUp! has an air date of January 7, 2023, at 11:30 p.m. JST on Tokyo MX.

What are the genres of UniteUP!?

UniteUp! has a genre of music and animation.

What’s the Plot of UniteUP!?

Are you interested in where to watch UniteUP!? The anime will air on Tokyo MX on January 7, 2023. Below is the synopsis for Season 1 of the UniteUP! series.

“Under the stage name “KIKUNOYU,” Akira Kiyose performs music on a website that streams videos. One day he is spotted by the talent agency sMiLea Production. AneLa, a retired iconic duo, formed the organization sMiLea to develop upcoming idols. After being scouted, Akira teams up with Banri Naoe and Chihiro Isuzugawa to create an idol group. Their new group, Protostar, will debut alongside Legit and Jaxx Jaxx, two other new idol groups with sMiLea Production.”

Cast members list of UniteUP!


Official Name of Voice ActorsCharacters Name
Kikunosuke ToyaAkira Kiyose
Ryoutarou YamaguchiBanri Naoe
Amon HiraiChihiro Isuzugawa


Official Name of Voice ActorsCharacters Name
Magura SukegawaDaiki Takao
Shinnosuke MorikageEishirou Nijou
Ryuuichirou SakataFuuga Tougou


Official Name of Voice ActorsCharacters Name
MasaGakuto Haruka
Yuuki ShimomaeHomare Katsura
Takumi MagoshiIzumi Kashii
Kousei TsubokuraJun Wakasa
Gaku TakumotoKanata Morinomiya


Official Name of Voice ActorsCharacters Name
Souma SaitouLin Ootsuki
Yoshiki NakajimaMaoto Tsujidou

UniteUp! Episodes Guide

The musical anime series UniteUp! season 1 will air on January 7, 2023, on  Tokyo MX and will have twelve episodes. Each episode will have a runtime of approximately 28 minutes.

Where else can you watch the UniteUp!?

If you are considering where to watch the UniteUp! Anime series Season 1, then don’t worry. You can watch Season 1 on Tokyo MX on January 7, 2023.

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Overall, the highly anticipated anime series UniteUp! has a compelling and original story that should have viewers on the edge of their seats. With a stellar cast and visuals that bring the legendary realm of animation to life, this series will leave viewers wanting more. Fans eagerly anticipate the launch of the highly anticipated UniteUp! Series’ first episode to find out what mysteries it will solve.

A VPN is unavoidable if you want to access UniteUp! in full HD 4K format from the USA. In addition to letting you watch a single show or channel, VPNs like Express VPN provide various HD streaming options if the platform or program is geo-restricted in your region. You can easily stream from more than 500 streaming services around the world while using an Express VPN.


Where can I watch UniteUp! for free?

If you’re trying to find where to watch UniteUp! in the USA for free. Keep an eye on Tokyo MX, which does not offer the show for free, but we will keep you informed if it does.

Where was UniteUp! Filmed?

Do you want to know where UniteUp! Was filmed? UniteUp! is an animated series whose country of origin is Japan.

Can I watch UniteUp! in USA Online?

You can watch UniteUp! in USA online, but you will need a VPN due to geo-restrictions.

Is UniteUp! available on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC?

No. UniteUp! is unavailable on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC.

UniteUp! based on a true story?

No. UniteUp! Is a fictional musical anime series.

What TV channel is UniteUp! On?

UniteUp! Will air on Tokyo MX (Japan) on January 6, 2023.

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