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Get ready to be wowed by the return of an electrifying reality TV gameshow that has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Watch The Masked Singer Season 9, returning with a bang on Hulu starting February 16th, 2023. This season promises to be even more spectacular, with an all-star cast of masked singing celebrities ready to showcase their incredible talent and entertain viewers like never before. The Masked Singer season 9 will see the return of Nick Cannon as the host, while Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg, and Robin Thicke will also come back as panelists.

As the tension builds and the guessing game begins, the audience can expect a rollercoaster of emotions as each performer takes the stage, hoping to impress the judges and avoid elimination. Don’t miss out on this epic showdown, and read on to find out how to catch all the action on Hulu.

Quick Steps: Watch The Masked Singer Season 9 from anywhere via VPN

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN . It has multiple plans you can choose from .

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to Hulu.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

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What is the streaming release date for The Masked Singer: Season 9?

The interesting reality gameshow The Masked Singer season 9 release date will be February 16th, 2023. Get a VPN for interruption-free streaming. Don’t miss out on the chance.

How and where to watch The Masked Singer Season 9 in the UK?

Hey there, UK viewers of The Masked Singer! We have some unfortunate news: it looks like season 9 of the hit reality TV show won’t be airing on any channels in the UK. But don’t worry. We’ve got a solution that might just save the day!

Using a VPN can give you access to streaming services that offer the show’s latest episodes from other countries so that you can keep up with all the electrifying performances and suspenseful reveals. And if you’re looking for some entertainment in the meantime, you can catch The Masked Singer UK season 4, which is currently airing on ITV.

Official Synopsis The Masked Singer: Season 9

“A singing competition guessing game based on Korean format King of Mask Singer. 12 celebrity performers wear costumes to conceal identities. One singer is eliminated each week and unmasked. Small hints are given for the viewer guess along.”


What is The Masked Singer: Season 9 all about?

The Masked Singer: Season 9 is directed by Alex Rudzinski Brad Duns. The main theme of the gameshow is a well-guarded singing competition where stars compete against one another and dress up in elaborate costumes and full facemasks to hide their identity.

the masked singer

The Masked Singer: Season 9 Format

The upcoming season of The Masked Singer has yet to make an official statement about its format, but there is a suggestion that it will be similar to season 8. On Camera Audiences, the website where fans can get free tickets to The Masked Singer tapings, includes a message that those attending the tapings can witness two reveals. This implies that, as with season 8, only one celebrity contestant will make it through to the next round.

The Masked Singer: Season 9 Official Trailer

The return of Season 9 of The Masked Singer creates much hype as the official trailer is now available on YouTube.

The Masked Singer: Season 9 Host

Nicholas Scott Cannon is an American entertainment icon with a career spanning television, film, music, and comedy. He began his television journey as a teenager on All That and has since hosted various other shows, including The Nick Cannon Show, Wild ‘n Out, America’s Got Talent, Lip Sync Battle Shorties, and The Masked Singer. Cannon has also pursued acting, rapping, and comedy, making him an all-around entertainment powerhouse. His impressive career has seen many successes and achievements, cementing his place in the entertainment industry.

nick cannon

List of The Masked Singer: Season 9 Episodes

So far, four episodes will be airing in 2023.

  • The Masked Singer: Season 9 Episode 1 – Opening Night: 15 February 2023
  • The Masked Singer: Season 9 Episode 2 – Abba Night: 22 February 2023
  • The Masked Singer: Season 9 Episode 3 – New York Night: 1 March 2023
  • The Masked Singer: Season 9 Episode 4 – Superhero Night: 8 March 2023

What are the critic reviews of The Masked Singer: Season 9?

The critic reviews for The Masked Singer: Season 9 are not available yet, but from season eight, the audience has mixed reviews about the show.

“A little disappointing because of all the hype, but still an entertaining season regardless.”

Cyrus K from Rotten Tomatoes

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for The Masked Singer: Season 9?

Season 9 of The Masked Singer is not available yet, but the overall IMDb rating of the show is 5.9/10. However, the score of Rotten Tomatoes is not available.

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