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Are you a foodie who loves to explore delicious cuisine from every restaurant in the town? Then, stay tuned to watch Season 3 of The Lost Kitchen and indulge in the appetizing recipes with a heavenly ambience. The Lost Kitchen is a renowned restaurant in a small town of Freedom in Maine, US, established in 2014 by an American star Chef Erin French.

Originally produced by Magnolia Network, the show was first aired on Discovery+ and is set to return on HBO Max on October 30, 2022.

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What is ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3 about?

HBO Max’s Select Original The Lost Kitchen depicts the journey of a Chef, Erin French, who transformed her pain into power. She followed her passion and opened an iconic 40-seat restaurant in her hometown of Freedom, Maine known as The Lost Kitchen. She welcomes foodies from every corner of the world to experience the magic of her culinary skills along with a breathtaking view of her town. The Lost Kitchen attracts tourists from all over the world who come to dine on Erin’s locally sourced and inspired menu. Her determination and will to succeed led her to turn her passion for serving others into a flourishing restaurant despite her past personal struggles. A very unique thing about her is that hundreds of tourists from throughout the world make reservations to her restaurant each year using postcards.

Where can I watch ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3 trailer?

The upcoming season’s trailer of The Lost Kitchen has not been released yet.

What is Chef Erin French known for?

Chef Erin French is the founder of the incredible restaurant The Lost Kitchen, She is also the author of two memoirs Finding Freedom and The Lost Kitchen which follows her struggles throughout life and her magical recipes. She also qualified as the Best Chefs in America semifinalist for James Beard Award in 2016, 2018, 2019, and 2020.

Where is the renowned restaurant The Lost Kitchen located?

The Lost Kitchen is a 48-seat restaurant located in a 1834 grist mill that was rebuilt in the little town of Freedom, Maine, with a population of about 700. Freedom is located far from the more affluent coastal villages, where you might envision a fine dining experience.

What is the release date of ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3?

HBO Max will release The Lost Kitchen Season 3 on October 30, 2022

What is the IMDb rating for ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3?

The Lost Kitchen has an IMDb rating of 7.5 out of 10.

Where to watch ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3 online?

Magnolia Network’s gem The Lost Kitchen is set to return on HBO Max.

The Evolution of Chef Erin French and The Lost Kitchen

Erin French opened The Lost Kitchen in 2014, and the waterfall outside serves as a constant reminder of her progress. She is a home cook who turned Freedom, a small town in Maine with only 719 inhabitants into a well-known culinary attraction. She never thought she would be able to overcome all of that suffering to get to this wonderful point.

“I kept telling myself that I had to cry all of these rivers to find one waterfall.”

French’s success in the kitchen appears to be predestined in many ways. She jumped into several tasks, doing anything from serving tables to flipping pancakes to washing dishes. She was a single mother who raised her kid Jaim and learned how to cook in her parent’s kitchen. Then, she fell in love again, got married and began to invite friends to supper clubs which refined her cooking style. Even now, she still sees herself as a better host than a cook. 

“I love caring for people. It’s the setting of the table. It’s getting the lights just right. It’s the music. Watching everyone have that experience is my greatest joy.”

Her dinners gained popularity rapidly, and accumulated enough cash in order to launch a restaurant in 2012. Although it was an instant hit and garnered national recognition, her marriage was in trouble in the shadows. Battling despair and anxiety, the medications that were supposed to help her manage turned into an addiction.

the lost kitchen restaurant  image

Forceful relocation to a cabin on her parent’s property due to debt, divorce, and a custody dispute over Jaim with her ex-husband, and the collapse of her first restaurant. She began cooking for people once more after converting an old Airstream into a mobile kitchen.

“Walls had never defined me, it was what I brought to the table that defined me.” 

In 2013, she admitted herself into rehab to get treatment for her alcohol and prescription drugs addiction. French opened the Lost Kitchen inside a renovated gristmill “in the middle of nowhere” a year after her treatment. Later, she got Jaim with joint custody as well.

French received a James Beard Award nomination by 2016 and had hosted celebrity guests. Reservations became out of hand and she was no longer able to handle it, she claims. She also made the decision to request postcard entries for a table lottery. Receiving more than 20,000 cards annually, The Lost Kitchen is one of the most difficult restaurants in the country to reserve a table at.

She had to start over to recover her career, confidence, and quality of life. Despite the long journey, she wouldn’t change a thing about her life and if she ever starts to doubt herself, she looks out the window at Freedom Falls.

 “It’s those moments of difficulty that shape us. We don’t like it because it feels uncomfortable. But that’s where you find out what you’re made of.”  

What are the reviews of ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3?

PBS NewsHour reporter Jeffrey Brown said, “It is in the middle of nowhere, but rather than a little cafe, The Lost Kitchen is a big-time culinary phenomenon.” Moreover, he said that this show provides an impression of the environment prior to COVID. He further described it as, “French presiding in the small open kitchen, where diners can watch her and her team work, some of it gleaned from her past.”

Where else can I watch ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3 online?

The Lost Kitchen is also available to stream on fuboTV. 

What else can I watch on HBO Max?

What are the reactions and comments about ‘The Lost Kitchen’ Season 3?

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