Watch ‘Survivor’ from anywhere: Season 43 coming to CBS

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Watch Survivor Season 43 releasing on Wednesday, September 21, 2022, at about 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. In the past year, Survivor has entered a new age, adding twists and turns to the premise that has kept the show on the air for almost two decades.

In season 43, after two seasons have passed, a new group of contestants has embarked on the 26-day journey of a lifetime, hoping to be the next to reach the winner’s circle.

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What is Survivor Season 43 all about?

According to the official teaser, this season’s contenders will have to exceed their limits in order to survive. This time, there will be numerous trials that will terrify the contestants to death.

In addition to physical preparation, athletes must also psychologically prepare for a variety of situations. As usual, Jeff Probst will guide the candidates for the entirety of the episode.

What is Survivor Season 43 all about

In addition to the reduced gameplay, Survivor Season 43 will retain these additional twists. Among the added benefits and drawbacks were the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Shot in the Dark, Knowledge is Power, Beware Advantages, Hourglass, and Do or Die.

What do Survivor Season 43 directors say?

“We mean it when we say this is a new phase of the game,” Probst told Entertainment Weekly. “We are establishing new markers. So things like small tribes, earn the merge, no food, risk/reward dilemmas, Shot in the Dark, are here to stay. Other specific twists will come and go depending on the season. We changed the game because we wanted to give players a new series of problems to solve.” We can expect many changes from the new season and there will be a blast of entertainment as well.

Who is included in Survivor Season 43 cast?

Survivor Season 43 will feature a total of 18 new contestants and will be hosted by reality television presenter Jeff Probst.

Who is included in Survivor Season 43 cast
  • Cassidy Clark (25), from San Marcos, is a fashion merchandising major. TX
  • Cody Assenmacher (35), a manager of accounts from Honolulu, Hawaii 
  • Dwight Moore (22), is a computer science major from Memphis, Tennessee. 
  • Elie Scott, a psychologist from Salt Lake City, Utah, is 31 years old. 
  • Geo Bustamante, a web designer from Honolulu, is 35 years old. HI
  • Jay Jones (37), an event organizer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 
  • Jeanine Zheng (24), from Hamilton, MA, is a UX designer.
  • Jesse Lopez, a Ph.D. student from Durham, North Carolina, is 26 years old.
  • The 29-year-old regional sales manager from Los Angeles, California, Justine Brennan
  • Karla Godoy, a teacher from Washington, D.C., is 28 years old.
  • Lindsay Carmine, a pediatric nurse from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, is 42 years old.
  • Mike Gabler (50), a specialist in heart valves from Meridian, Idaho
  • Moriah Young (28), a Philadelphia, PA-based content creator
  • Paralympian Noelle Lambert (25), from Londonderry, New Hampshire
  • Nneka Ejere (42), an operations director from Weatherford, Texas
  • Owen Knight, a 29-year-old admissions consultant from New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Ryan Medrano, a fitness instructor from El Paso, is 24 years old. TX
  • Sami Layadi (19), a student from Las Vegas, NV

Where can I watch the Survivor Season 43 Trailer?

Watch the small preview of the season to know that this season it will be hilarious to watch the macho men and daring ladies compete with each other.

What are fans’ reviews about Survivor Season 43?

What is the release date of Survivor Season 43?

Wednesday, September 21 is a two-hour debut of the new season of Survivor. At 8 p.m., Eastern Time (ET) and Pacific Time (PT), you can view the episode.

Where to watch Survivor Season 43?

You can watch the series on CBS.

Survivor Season 43: Our Review

A new season of Survivor, one of the longest-running reality TV shows, is now generating a great deal of Internet hype.

In the episode, a group of strangers are stuck in a distant place and must devise means to support themselves with food, shelter, and fire.

A million dollars are awarded to the final survivor. The Season 43 of CBS’s Survivor will premiere on September 21, 2022. Watch it on the day of its release and join the group of people who are always up-to-date on the most recent shows and series.

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