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A new ITV1 and ITV2 drama called Stonehouse will tell the real tale behind a well-known political scandal from the early 1970s. John Stonehouse, a former Labour MP who faked his own death to get out of a failing business, is portrayed by the 48-year-old British actor. Here is every detail regarding how foreign viewers can watch Stonehouse on ITVX on January 2, 2022.

Quick steps on how to watch Stonehouse in USA via a VPN

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN . It has multiple plans you can choose from .

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a UK server.

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Where to watch Stonehouse free stream?

In 2023, on January 4th, tune in to ITVX to watch Stonehouse, a series based on true events that captivated the country. If you’re trying to watch ITVX from the United States but aren’t having much success, it’s probably because of regional blocking. This could be because you do not have access to a subscription-based television provider or a streaming platform that offers ITVX.

Watch Stonehouse Official Trailer:

What story will Stonehouse cover? 

British politician Matthew Macfadyen (in a dramatic role) comes up with a crazy plot to vanish in 1974. An incredible true story served as the basis for this dramatic adaptation.

MP John Stonehouse, a former Labour minister in the British government, faked his own death in 1974 by claiming he had drowned off the coast of Miami. He was later discovered alive and well in Australia.

Matthew Macfadyen and Keeley Hawes play the married couple John Stonehouse and his wife Barbara in the three-part drama written by famed author John Preston.

Who is John Stonehouse?

John Thomson Stonehouse (28 July 1925 – 14 April 1988) was a British Labour and Co-operative Party politician, businessman, and minister in Harold Wilson’s cabinet. Stonehouse is best known for his failed attempt to fake his own death in 1974. Stonehouse is also accused of working for Czechoslovak Socialist Republic military intelligence.

How many episodes are there in Stonehouse

On Monday, January 2, 2023, at 9 p.m., ITV1 will air the premiere of Stonehouse. There will be new episodes of the drama on January 2, 3, and 4 at 9pm each night. After its premiere on BritBox on January 2nd, Stonehouse will also be available on ITV’s free new service ITVX beginning on Wednesday, January 4th.

stonehouse 04

Stonehouse Episode Guide

Stonehouse Episode 1 | Jan 2, 2023

John Stonehouse’s political career in the United Kingdom is thriving. Under Harold Wilson, he secures ministerial positions in the aviation and postmaster general departments, but the 1970 election results are unexpected.

Stonehouse Episode 2 | Jan 3, 2023

The local authorities suspect John, who is hiding out in Melbourne; Barbara is preparing herself and the children to never hear from Stonehouse again; however, when she and Sheila learn of his return, they fly to Australia to confront him.

Stonehouse Episode 2 | Jan 4, 2023

With Harold Wilson’s fate still on the line and Barbara questioning whether it’s worth it to save her marriage, John Stonehouse and Sheila face the consequences of their actions in court.

Full Stonehouse cast, Crew and Character Names List

John Stonehouse Sheila Buckley Harold Wilson Barbara Stonehouse Matthew MacfadyenEmer HeatleyKevin R. McnallyKeeley Hawes

Actor #1 Matthew Macfadyan (John Stonehouse) in Stonehouse

Matthew plays the part of John Thomson Stonehouse, a man with many talents who rose to become the MP for Walsall North.

Actress #2 Sheila Buckley (Emer Heatley) in Stonehouse

Pretty brunette parliamentary secretary Sheila Buckley fell for married politician John Stonehouse.

Actor #3 Harold Wilson (Kevin R. Mcnally) in Stonehouse

Harold Wilson is playing the role of prime minister in Stonehouse.

Actress #4 Keely Hawes (Barbara Stonehouse) in Stonehouse

Keeley co-stars with Matthew as John’s wife Barbara; John planned to fake his death in 1974, leaving Barbara and their three kids behind.

What are the Reviews & Fan Reactions of Stonehouse


Is Stonehouse worth watching?

In this case, it appears that everyone will get their fill of stories. It never stops surprising me how different people can be about these things. In the series, viewers will learn how Stonehouse, a rising star in Harold Wilson’s Labour Government, mysteriously disappeared from the beach of a large luxury hotel in Florida in November 1974, leaving behind a neat pile of clothes before swimming into the sea to fake his own death.

On Which platforms can I watch Stonehouse?

The series premiere of Stonehouse will show on ITV1 on Monday, January 2 at 9 p.m. After the first episode has broadcast on ITV, the remaining two episodes and the entire series will be made accessible to watch online via ITVX.

When it comes to Stonehouse, how much of it is based on reality?

Attempting to fake his own death in 1974, Stonehouse is remembered for his failure. After he died, it was found out that he had been a spy for the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic’s military intelligence.

Why do you need a VPN to watch Stonehouse in USA?

ExpressVPN, a top-tier VPN service, may be used to access ITVX in the United States, allowing users to watch Stonehouse online for free.

Is Stonehouse based on a true story?

Yes! Stonehouse is based on the story of John Stonehouse life and times of disgraced Labour politician.

What Else can I watch on ITVX?

Streaming movies and TV shows has never been more convenient than it is today; all you need is access to a provider that offers the material in your country of residence. If you’re in the UK, you can catch Stonehouse whenever you like on ITVX. The following ITVX programs are accessible via VPN connections.

Without Sin
Loaded in Paradise
Farewell Doc Martin

Where to watch Stonehouse for free?

The availability of full episodes of Stonehouse online has previously been restricted to UK viewers. All that stands between you and endless streaming of every movie and show is a Premium Express VPN subscription. These shows are just a click away, no matter how far from home your travels take you.

And where else might I find Stonehouse to watch?

Unfortunately, you can’t watch Stonehouse on any other streaming services.

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Wrap Up

John Stonehouse, a former Labour Minister, became famous for staging his own death, and his narrative is dramatized in the film Stonehouse. The show explores the fascinating backstory of this dishonest but endearing politician. If this overview has piqued your interest, keep reading to learn more about the series.

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