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It would be an understatement to say that viewers are anticipating the judo-themed anime Mou Ippon!, which has female main characters. It’s uncommon to have a female protagonist in a sports-themed anime that values the sport and doesn’t use it to make herself look cute. This one perfectly captures what it’s like to be a high school girl who practices judo. If you are a bit curious about where to watch Mou Ippon!, the anime series will premiere on TV Tokyo on January 9, 2023.

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When and where to watch Mou Ippon! Online in 2023?

Are you interested in where to watch Mou Ippon!? The Japanese anime series Mou Ippon! Season 1 will air on TV Tokyo on Monday, January 9, 2023.

Mou Ippon! Based On?

By BAKKEN RECORD Mou Ippon! Is based on the ongoing judo-focused manga series penned by Yuu Muruoaka and released by Pony Canyon. Michi Sonoda is abruptly reminded of how much she enjoyed the sport and her training after opting to abandon judo after middle school owing to shifting her emphasis to success in her high school education and forthcoming admission examinations. They set up the judo club with Hiura Towa, the opponent she lost her most recent match to, and Sanae Takigawa, her childhood best friend, and soon find themselves competing in competitions again.

What to Expect From Mou Ippon!?

Mou Ippon! is primarily concerned with the competitive side of judo, but it also gets very technical and educational with several examples of various stances and techniques. As a result, the series serves as an excellent introduction for anyone looking to learn about one of the most well-known sports in the world at a speed they can handle.

Mou Ippon! Official Trailer

What is the release date of Mou Ippon!?

Mou Ippon!, the action supernatural fantasy anime series, will premiere on TV Tokyo on Friday, January 6, 2023.

What are the genres of the Mou Ippon!?

The anime series Mou Ippon! has sports, animation, and Slice of Life genres.

What’s the Plot of the Mou Ippon!?

Where can I watch Mou Ippon!, you ask? On January 6, 2023, TV Tokyo will broadcast the anime series. Below is the Season 1 synopsis:

“Michi decides to give up judo after one last competition and an embarrassing defeat in the championship round. She won’t have time to participate in the martial art she loves the most because of high school social activities and entrance exams, but putting aside old interests is a typical part of growing up. Even so, her passion for judo endures, and when she encounters Towa, the student who defeated Michi in her final fight, it returns in full force. Towa wants to start a judo club at their school, but she will need new members to do so. They will enter the ring together and score another ippon because of their shared love of judo.”

Cast members list of Mou Ippon!

Japanese Voice Actors NamesCharacters Name
Ayasa ItōMichi Sonoda
Yukari AnzaiSanae Takigawa
Towa HiuraChiyuki Miura
Nene HiedaAnna Nagumo
Anna NagaseTsumugi Himeno
Yumi UchiyamaShino Natsume

What is the IMDb rating for Mou Ippon! in 2023?

The IMDb rating of the anime series Mou Ippon! is unavailable.

Mou Ippon! Episodes Guide

The supernatural fantasy action anime series Mou Ippon! Season 1 will air on January 6, 2023, on TV Tokyo. The total number of episodes is 13. Each episode will have a runtime of approximately 28 minutes.

Where else can you watch the Mou Ippon!?

If you are considering where to watch the Ayakashi Triangle anime series Season 1, then don’t worry. You can watch Season 1 on TV Tokyo on January 6, 2023.

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Mou Ippon! is an eagerly anticipated anime series with an intriguing and original story that should keep fans on their toes. Fans of animation will be left wanting more after watching this series, which features an all-star cast and stunning visuals that bring the world of animation to life.

A VPN is needed to watch Mou Ippon! in full HD 4K from the USA. When a platform or program is geo-restricted in your area, VPNs like Express VPN offer multiple HD streaming options and enable you to watch a particular show or channel. Using an Express VPN, you can stream from more than 500 streaming services located all over the world.


Where can I watch Mou Ippon! for free?

If you’re trying to find where to watch Mou Ippon! in the USA for free. Keep an eye on TV Tokyo, which does not offer the show for free, but we will keep you informed if it does.

Where was Mou Ippon! Filmed?

Do you want to know where Mou Ippon! was filmed? Mou Ippon! is an animated series with the country of origin being Japan.

Can I watch Mou Ippon! in USA Online?

You can watch Mou Ippon! in the USA online, but you will need a VPN due to geo-restrictions.

Is Mou Ippon! available on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC?

No. Mou Ippon! is unavailable on Netflix, Disney+, Paramount, and BBC.

Is Mou Ippon! Based on a true story?

No. Mou Ippon! is a fictional action-fantasy anime series.

What TV channel is Mou Ippon! On?

Mou Ippon! Will air on TV Tokyo (Japan) on January 6, 2023.

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