HBO Max Outside US: 3 simple steps to watch HBO Max [November 2022 Updated]


HBO Max, the king of streaming websites with huge content, is unavailable in many countries. The best thing about HBO Max is, it keeps on adding new content but that content is only restricted to those residing in the United States. 

Those who live outside the United States need a VPN to access HBO Max content. With just a simple step you can download a VPN and connect it to a United States server. 

You can watch Berserk, The Princess, House Of The Dragon and Catwoman Hunted, Who’s By Your Side, Fantastic Beasts, The Secrets of Dumbledore, Industry Season 2, Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Life, and many more on HBO Max.

Possible ways to access HBO Max

You can watch HBO Max in the geo-restricted region by using any of the below mentioned method:

  • Proxy server: These are not the safest option and not always reliable. But you can use a proxy server and stop your internet data traveling like normal. In this way HBO Max will not know that you are accessing HBO Max outside US.
  • VPN: A virtual private network is the safest and easiest opinion, it basically changes your whole IP address and gives you a new one. In this way you can watch HBO Max or any other streaming website safely and without getting caught. 
  • Smart DNS: You can use this option to change your domain name system and use HBO Max outside US but Changing Domain Name does not always work. It will only hide your DNS address and Smart DNS are not safe.

Get HBO Max Outside US- 3 Basic Steps

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN . It has multiple plans you can choose from See Detailed Review.

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a US server.

  3. Log in to HBO.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

Best VPN to watch HBO Max Outside US

Fastest VPN for HBO Max (Updated November 28, 2022)

Average speed

VPN App 97.90 Mbps

Browser Ext 90.60 Mbps

Supported Devices

WindowsMacAndroidiOSLinuxroutersChromebookVPN for Kindle Fire

Average speed

VPN App 82.33 Mbps

Browser Ext 85.16 Mbps

Supported Devices

WindowsMacAndroidiOSLinuxroutersChromebookVPN for Kindle Fire

ExpressVPN is always on top when it comes to a fast, optimized network of servers that work with streaming services like HBO Max, HBO Now, and HBO Go. They guarantee delivery of HBO Max content in high video quality without compromising security, privacy or leaving any traces of your online activity.

In our testing, ExpressVPN performed spectacularly. We mainly focused on their ability to unblock HBO Max and to our surprise they have surpassed all other VPN providers when it comes to speed, which is a big plus. Our base speed, which was 100Mbps, was downgraded by only 2 to 3%. A reduction to 98 Mbps is not a big deal considering other VPNs downgrade speed by up to 50%

How ExpressVPN unblocks HBO Max?

HBO Max, after witnessing the surge in their subscribers, started a crackdown on VPN and proxy IPs, making it difficult to bypass HBO Max’s geo-restricted content for a long time. However, ExpressVPN transports traffic for HBO Max separately through white-listed residential IPs from credible vendors, making it impossible for HBO Max to trace your real or VPN IP.

Why is ExpressVPN the fastest VPN for HBO Max?

ExpressVPN spent heavily on their infrastructure. This is the reason they charge a premium. They don't compromise on quality, especially when it comes to speed. In our examination, we came to know that ExpressVPN fuels more than 800 Mbps on different nodes of residential IPs, turbo-charging their network. On top of that, their world-class infrastructure and quality apps make it very easy to connect to HBO Max in just a couple of clicks and without any disruption or detection by HBO Max.

Servers in the US: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, Miami, New Jersey, New York, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Seattle, Tampa, Washington DC.


  • Fastest VPN for HBO Max in our testing, compared to all other VPNs
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • Top-rated VPN by all industry experts and critics
  • Performed and worked under all circumstances
  • High quality video content for HBO Max without buffering
  • Seamless streaming on HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime Video and all other US platforms
  • Top-notch security and privacy, making you untraceable online


  • Premium and expensive compared to other VPNs
  • Browser extension performed slightly worse than others

We also noticed that ExpressVPN’s smart DNS feature lets you untap exotic locations to stream content, which is otherwise impossible. Then there is the whole world of torrenting that opens up, that too without leaving a trace. This is great for those who love binging on shows.

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PureVPN guarantees you the best browsing and streaming experience for HBO Max and other similar on-demand channels across the globe. Over the years, due to the popularity of HBO Max across the globe, this VPN has improvised itself quite significantly, and invested heavily into its infrastructure, particularly for HBO Max, to provide their user base a smooth streaming experience.

How's the performance of PureVPN apps in terms of speed?

PureVPN offers a wide range of apps for almost all devices, however, one of the important factors for any streamer is the speed at which they can browse their favorite content. PureVPN spends heavily on Netflix when it comes to speed, however, for HBO Max, we have experienced a downgrade of base speed by up to 15%. During our test, our speed was 100 Mbps. However, after successfully unblocking HBO Max through their browser extension, we faced a drop in our speed and it reduced to 85 Mbps. Considering their subscription price, which is quite low, an average streaming user may settle on it. Even if you face a disconnection, you can just reconnect again to continue browsing HBO Max seamlessly.

Since HBO Max is a US-based streaming platform, it's important to check how many diversified locations servers PureVPN has in the USA. During our test, we found that they have servers in Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, New York, Houston, Atlanta, Washington DC, Ashburn, San Francisco, Seattle, and Salt Lake City.


  • Most competitive price than any other VPN in the market (best value)
  • Other than HBO Max, they unblock thousands of channels across entertainment, sports, news categories, making them a strong contender
  • Recently they improved their speed for HBO Max
  • 24/7 infrastructure and system to provide uninterrupted support to unblock HBO Max without letting users face downtime
  • 6,500+ servers in 78 countries and 96 locations


  • After connecting to Hulu, they reduced our 100 Mbps speed to 85 Mbps
  • Not all apps work smoothly for HBO Max just like their browser extension

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How to sign up for HBO Max?

  • Visit or download the app on your device
  • Now click on “create an account” 
  • Fill in your credentials
  • Use a US based zip code
  • Choose the plan of your choice
  • Pay for subscription 
  • That’s it! Your account has been created

How to pay for HBO Max outside US

We have mentioned the simplest and easiest payment options for HBO Max outside US.

  • Virtual Credit Card
  • Gift Cards
  • Paypal
  • Signing up with a different device
  • American Express or Amex

1, Virtual Credit Card

Based on research below are some of the platforms that are reliable options to get US based credit/debit cards:

  • US Unlocked for HBO Max
  • States Pay for HBO Max

2. HBO Max Gift Cards

HBO Max Gift cards are available in respective retail outlets. Some of the options are mentioned below. You can redeem them online at HBO

  • Gift card Cabin for HBO Max
  • My Gift card supply for HBO Max
  • Best buy for HBO Max 

3. Paypal

PayPal is one of the best options for making online payments. Sign up for HBO Max using PayPal as a payment method. You’ll require a US PayPal account for this to work. Making a second if you already have one outside US is not recommended.

4. Signing up with a different device

If you are signing up for HBO Max from a different device, you can pay using the following options: 

  • iTunes
  • Google Play

5. American Express or Amex

You can also pay for HBO Max by using Amex credit card. 

What Zip Code Do You Need for HBO Max

When paying for an HBO Max subscription outside US you will have to enter a “US based Zip Code”. In that case you don’t need to search it online, we have done the homework for you. The current postal codes in the US range from 00001 – 99950. For your ease we have listed down some of the American Zip Codes for you:

CityZip Code
Los Angeles90001 – 90089
Beverly Hills90209 – 90213
Chicago60601 – 60641
Washington20001 – 20020
Phoenix85001 – 85055
Austin78701 – 78705
Miami33124 – 33190
Atlanta30301 – 30381
Boston02101 – 02137
New York10001 – 10048

HBO Max Review

HBO Max has around 40 million + subscribers. It has its original content along with the content from other streaming platforms too. It has one of the best shows from Warner Brothers movies, older films such as Studio Ghibli, Criterion Collection works and it also has exclusive shows like Friends reunion. 

HBO Max content is not similar to the TV channel HBO. HBO Max offers more content than the TV channel HBO. 


Pros and Cons of HBO Max


  • HBO Max has its own unique content along with content from TV channel HBO and HBO Go.
  • HBO Max has a huge content library
  • It allows the user to stream its content on 3 simultaneous streams at a time
  • You can save videos offline and enjoy them later
  • Hbo max is ad free


  • HBO Max is a little expensive
  • Available in certain specific regions
  • Lack of sports content
  • Episodes are updated weekly instead of uploading the whole series at once
  • Does not offer a free trial

HBO Max Price and plans?

HBO Max offers two plans for the users, (i) Ad-supported plan and (ii) Ad-free plan.

Ad-supported plan:

  • The ad supported version of HBO Max costs around US$9.99/month 
  • If you choose to buy an annual subscription then it will cost around $100 a year.
  • With this plan not all the content is available to download offline.
  • With ad supported version of HBO Max, streaming is limited to HD quality rather than 4K 

Ad-free plan:

  • The ad free version of HBO Max costs around US$14.99/month
  • If you choose to buy an annual subscription then it will cost around $150 a year. 
  • You can download all the content available on HBO Max
  • Content is available in 4K HDR quality.

HBO Max Compatibility Devices

HBO Max Supported Mobile Devices

  • Apple iPhone – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Apple iPad – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Apple iPod Touch – iOS 12.2 or later
  • Android smartphones – Android OS 5 or later
  • Android TV – Android OS 5 or later
  • Amazon Fire TV – 4th generation and later

HBO Max on Desktop/Laptop and Browsers

  • Microsoft Windows PC – Windows 7 or later
  • Apple Mac – macOS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later is required.
  • Chrome browser version 78 or later is required for Google Chromebooks.
  • Google Chrome – the most recent version
  • Mozilla Firefox — the most current version
  • Microsoft Edge for Windows — the most recent version
  • Version 12 or later of Safari

HBO Max on Streaming Players, Consoles, and Smart TV Devices

  • Amazon Fire TV using Fire OS 5.3.6 or later (View at Amazon)
  • Android TV requires Android OS 5 or later (AT&T Streaming TV box, Sony Android TV 2015 and later, and TiVo Stream 4K) (View at Amazon)
  • Apple TV 4K – newest tvOS software (Available at Amazon / Walmart)
  • Apple TV HD — the most recent tvOS software (View at Amazon)
  • Contour Stream Player Cox Contour 2

What’s coming to HBO Max in November 2022?

Shows continuing from October

  • Pennyworth: The Origins of Batman’s Butler (Season 3) 
  • Avenue 5 (Season 2)
  • The Vow Part 2 

November 2

November 3

November 4

November 8

  • Say Hey, Willie Mays!

November 10

  • The Big Brunch

November 17

November 24

  • A Christmas Mystery
  • Holiday Harmony
  • Love, Lizzo

November 25

  • We’re Here

What to Watch on HBO Max Outside US?

Here they are, the movies you can watch on HBO Max outside United States:

Zombie MoviesGangster MoviesThriller MoviesScary MoviesRomance Movies
28 Days LaterThe PlayerDevil in a Blue DressAltered StatesIn the Mood for Love
Black DeathGoodfellasThe Dead ZoneAntlersFallen Angel
Corpse BrideBeverly Hills CopDirty Pretty ThingsThe BlobEnough Said
Dead ManGone Baby GoneBlood SimpleCarnival of SoulsYou’ve Got Mail 
Evil Dead IICollateralThe FugitiveThe ConjuringCasablanca 
Hindi Movies Animated MoviesFamily MoviesFantasy Movies
The Big CitySpirited AwayFinding Neverland2001: A Space Odyssey
The World of ApuJustice League: Crisis On Two EarthsThe Call of the WildBlade Runner
The Music RoomCorpse BrideElfStalker
The Holy ManCastle in the SkyDolphin TaleJurassic Park
The Home and the worldThe Secret World of ArriettyElla EnchantedInception

Some hyped shows and movies from HBO Max

Here are some of the hyped shows of HBO Max:

HBO Max Alternatives

For your ease we have compared HBO Max with other streaming platforms.

HBO Max vs Amazon Prime

HBO MaxAmazon Prime Video
It costs around $9.99 per monthIt costs around $14.99 per month
Mostly original contentIt also has a lot of original content
Huge content libraryAmazon Prime too has Huge library
Compatible with a large number of deviceThis too is Compatible with a large number of device

HBO Max vs Disney Plus

HBO MaxDisney Plus
Releases theatrical released movies on the same day with same subscription planCharges extra for the theatrical released movies
Has a huge content library with wide variety of content for every ageHas competitively small content library and does not have content for all age groups
HBO Max has invested more in making its website look more appealing than Disney PlusIts site is just like Netflix, not that appealing to the viewers
It is for all age groupsIt is mostly for kids

HBO Max vs Netflix

HBO MaxNetflix
It costs around $9.99 per monthNetflix basic package costs around $9.99/month 
Huge content libraryNetflix also has huge content library
Can watch it on 3 streams at a timeNetflix only allows 1 or 2 streams at a time
HBO Max has a reliable parental control optionNetflix does not have any such option


Can you watch HBO Max for free if you’ve HBO?

Yes, but the content will be limited. If you have an HBO then you can watch very limited videos of HBO Max without paying any additional cost.

Can I use a free VPN to watch HBO Max from abroad?

Yes, however, it cannot guarantee trouble-free and seamless unblocking because it occasionally works while also displaying streaming faults. It has a restricted number of servers that cannot always function properly and are quickly recognized by the provider’s anti-VPN technology. Consider joining up with a reputable VPN provider.

What is the price of HBO Max in other countries?

If you play your cards right, you may easily obtain the cheapest HBO Max membership. First, examine the prices shown below, and then we’ll explain how you can save money while still enjoying HBO Max content right immediately. All of the prices stated below are in US dollars:
The monthly cost in the United States is $9.99.
Argentina: $5.8 per month
Mexico: $7.4 per month
Brazil: $5.3 per month
Chile: $9.6 per month
Colombia: $5.3 per month

Why is my VPN not working with HBO Max?

There are several reasons that your VPN does not work with HBO Max. Streaming websites like HBO Max that use IP tracking tools and this tool is getting stronger with time. I have listed down some ways to make your VPN work with HBO Max. 
– Use the Incognito tab. 
– Always use a paid and tried and tested VPN. (We recommend PureVPN and ExpressVPN
– Clear your cache data before streaming

Is HBO Max Available Outside the United States?

HBO Max, one of the greatest streaming services in the US. But unfortunately this amazing service is geo-restricted and it is only available to the citizens of US along with Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia. 
The rest of the world does not have access to HBO Max.
If you reside outside any of the above mentioned regions you will see the following error message:

“Sorry, HBO Max isn’t available in your region yet.”

There is just one possible way to watch HBO Max while residing outside US and that one option is to get a VPN.

Why do I need a VPN to watch HBO Max Outside?

There are a few factors in which this geo locking is based. First of all, HBO Max has not spread its content library to everyone.
Not all the content available on HBO Max is owned by HBO Max itself. Content on a certain OTT is based on the people of that region. This content distribution is based on the race, culture and religion of that region. That is why you need a VPN to watch HBO Max outside US.

Will using a VPN to watch HBO Max outside the US slow down my internet connection?

A VPN provides an extra layer of encryption to your browsing and as a result your internet can work slow. But with our recommended VPNs i.e. PureVPN and ExpressVPN, you don’t have to worry about slow connection. Both the VPNs offer a highly fast and continually optimized network.

How can I get around HBO Max Geographical Restrictions?

Simply get a VPN, we recommend PureVPN and ExpressVPN and Connect to US servers to make yourself look like a US resident.
The VPN will mask your current IP address and give you a new US based IP address. In this way you can easily pass the HBO Max Geo-restriction and enjoy HBO Max outside US.

What are the HBO Max errors?

Here is the list of errors you can find on HBO Max:
– HBO Max Error code 420
– Error Code 100
– HBO Max Error Code 102
– Error Code 321 Chromecast
– HBO Max Error Code Eli-1020
– The HBO Max Sound is not working
– HBO Max Buffering Problems


We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to figure out the cheapest way to watch HBO Max from anywhere on the planet. Even if HBO Max is not available in your area, you may still see cheap HBO Max episodes and movies by following our instructions. Have fun while streaming!