Watch ‘Daddies on Request’ series from anywhere: Release date, cast, trailer, and more

Daddies on Request (Spanish Papás Por Encargo) is a Mexican comedy drama series produced by BTF Media. A fun entertainment series for kids and adolescents featuring California, a thirteen-year-old girl who set off on a journey through Mexico with her three adoptive dads in search of her mother. Fasten your seat belts as the lively roller coaster journey begins. The show will arrive on Disney+ on November 23. Here’s how you can watch Daddies on Request from anywhere.

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What is the release date of Daddies on Request?

Daddies On Request will release on Disney+ on November 23, 2022.

Where to watch Daddies on Request online?

Daddies On Request will arrive on Disney+.

What is Daddies on Request series about?

Daddies on Request is a comedy drama series. Directed by Pato Safa Javier Colinas based on the adventures of California and her adoptive dads that will turn their lives upside down. An adventure that will change their minds.

What is the plot of Daddies on Request?

California receives a surprising gift on her thirteen birthday from her mother Itzel: the key to a van. California’s mother disappeared many years ago and now wants to see her daughter again. California is very excited to reunite with her mother in Zacatecas. Her adoptive fathers Miguel, Morgan, and Diego reject the plan but later agree only for California’s happiness. But they are not aware that they are being followed by two funny thugs with weird intentions. The heartwarming musical journey and their adventures begin, an unforgettable road trip demonstrating the country’s culture and landscapes along with the challenges they face.

Daddies on Request official trailer

Happy Birthday California! It’s her 13th birthday and she receives an unexpected gift, and her adoptive fathers are anxious to know who sends her the gift. Turns out it was her mother and she sends her a key to the van. The family begins their journey to reunite the girl with her mother.

What’s the cast of Daddies on Request?

  • Jorge Blanco as Miguel
  • Michael Ronda as Morgan
  • Lalo Brito as Diego
  • Farah Justiniani as California
  • Valérie Camarena Ibarra as young California
  • Fátima Molina as Itzel
  • Itatí Cantoral as Maricarmen
  • Karla Farfán as Paulina
  • Mauricio Isaac as Patricio Sandoval
  • Alfonso ‘Poncho’ Borbolla as Riquezes
  • Daniel Haddad as Gamboa
  • Martín Castro as Emilio
  • Giovanna Reynaud as Denisse
  • Santiago Torres as Neto
  • Hernán Mendoza as Gustavo

What are the reviews of Daddies on Request?

This is an English translation of a Mexican critic review.

In Milenio Mexican newspaper, Alvaro Cueva expressed his pride and emotions about the first Disney Mexican origin series. Alvaro says it was a good experience  “I trust that more will come until we reach that very high level that we all deserve.” He later describes the series and says “Papás ​​por encargos is something like a “road movie” version of “Three men and a baby”, but in a soap opera, with music and a grown-up girl who wants to be reunited with her mother.

What is Daddies on Request’s IMDb rating?

The show has a 5.8/10 IMDb rating.

What are some early reactions and comments about Daddies on Request?

Fans have poured their love on different platforms. Leticia commented, “This is incredible!! The whole cast looks super cool but seeing Jorge and Michael together is great nostalgia”.

US fans were disappointed that the show is not available in the US but, guess what now they can stream it on Disney+ from anywhere in the world.

Episodes of Daddies on Request

There are a total of 10 episodes, all streaming on November 23.

What else can I watch on Disney+?

What’s currently streaming on Disney+?

Where can I watch this show for free?

You can watch Daddies on Request on Disney+.


Is Daddies on Request available on Netflix?

No, it is only available on Disney+.

What Daddies on Request rating?

The show has a 5.8/10 IMDb rating. 

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