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BBC One released its ground-shaking thriller Crossfire on September 20, 2022 featuring a star-studded cast. Louise Doughty, the author of Apple Tree Yard and the best-selling novelist, is the series writer. Crossfire centers on a group of incredibly close friends whose vacation turns their world upside down. It is a drama about ordinary individuals who find themselves in unusual circumstances and how they react. If you want to know where to watch Crossfire, the thriller mini-series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. 

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When and where to watch Crossfire online in 2023?

Are you excited to know where to watch Crossfire? The crime drama is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

What is Crossfire all about?

A three-part drama series starring Keeley Hawes, Crossfire is the show whose storyline is as dark and gritty as we can imagine. It was written by Louise Doughty of Apple Tree Yard and is set in an opulent resort on the Canary Islands. It’s about a holiday turned from heaven to hell by a gunshot; the effects will last long after the last shot has been fired.

Crossfire Official Trailer

Although the trailer is only one minute long, it successfully builds tension. It gives us an immediate feeling of the disturbing acts that will take place in this drama. Before we pan to Jo, sitting in the rain, we witness people hurrying, tripping each other, and hiding children. She questions why she didn’t value everyday life more. How could she fail to see how fragile everything was?

What is the release date of Crossfire?

The thriller drama mini-series Crossfire was originally released on BBC One on September 20, 2022. You can still stream it on BBC iPlayer in 2023.

What’s the Plot of Crossfire?

The official synopsis of Crossfire states:

“Jo, who is on a perfect vacation with her family and friends, is sunbathing on her hotel room balcony when gunfire rings across the complex. In one instance, vengeful gunmen transformed a piece of paradise into a horrific, heartbreaking nightmare.”

What are the IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Crossfire in 2023?

IMDb rating: 5.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 25%

List of Crossfire Episodes | Complete Episode Guide

Crossfire, the thriller drama, is a three-part series. Each episode is approximately one hour long.

Episode #1: Overview

Gunmen attack the opulent hotel in Spain where Jo is vacationing with family and friends, shattering her entire life. The horror that follows reveals secrets and endangers people.

Episode #2: Overview

Jo musters the fortitude to rescue as many employees and visitors as possible, while the hotel shooters are still on the loose, and terror paralyzes her for her own family.

Episode #3: Overview

The hotel’s bloodbath is over, but now that the residents have escaped, they must deal with the fallout and piece together the puzzle of why they picked the hotel. After Chinars’ funeral, Jo moves on with her life and tries to return to normalcy, but she runs across issues that make things even more difficult.

What are the genres of Crossfire?

Crossfire mini-series has drama, crime, and thriller genres.

What is the age restriction for Crossfire?

Crossfire is a thriller and crime drama series with an age restriction of TV-14. The show contains violence, adult language, and unsuitable material for children under 14.

Cast members list of Crossfire!

Actors NamesRole Played
Keeley HawesJo
Lee InglebyJason
Josette SimonMiriam
Daniel RyanBen
Noah LeggottAdam
Anneika RoseAbhi
Vikash BhaiChinar Doshi
Pol ToroGerardo

Who is Keeley Hawes of Crossfire?

Keeley Hawes, the stage name of Clare Julia Hawes, is an English actress. Keeley is best recognized for her work in Line of Duty, The Durrells, and Bodyguard.

What are the reviews of the Crossfire?

“This brand-new BBC drama taps into every worry you’ve ever had about terrorist strikes and is incredibly, spine-tinglingly scary.”

A critic Vicky Jessop, from London Evening Standard

“You must give Doughty credit for it. She is harsh regarding meting out punishment for previous or present transgressions, like Keeley Hawes, who, as a badass mother, has forged a brand-new career path for herself.”

Another critic Alison Rowat, from The Herald (Scotland)


Where can I watch Crossfire?

If you’re trying to find where to watch Crossfire, the mini-series is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Where else can you watch the Crossfire?

The mini-series Crossfire is also available to stream on Britbox.

Where was Crossfire filmed?

Do you want to know where Crossfire was filmed? The series was filmed on location at Tenerife, a Spanish Canary Island in the Atlantic Ocean, which is located off the coast of northwestern Africa.

What else to watch on BBC iPlayer?

Is Crossfire based on a true story?

No. Crossfire is not based on a true story. However, it is inspired by similar real-life tragedies.

Is Crossfire available on Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount?

No. Crossfire is unavailable on Netflix, Disney+, and Paramount.

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Crossfire is a gripping thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat, but it’s also an emotional, personal, and realistic tale of survival and resiliency. The repercussions will last long after the last shot has been fired because the hotel personnel and unwitting tourists were forced to make crucial decisions about their lives or death in a split second.

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