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Watch Season 2 of Big Shot on Disney Plus, as the sequel season of the Disney Plus original series is now available to stream on October 12, 2022. In the second season of the show, we’ll see Coach Korn and the Westbrook Sirens strive to take their game to the next level. Obviously, there will be obstacles to overcome.

TV veterans David E. Kelly, Brad Garrett, and Dean Lorey produced the show Big Shot. Since it is an original series produced by Disney Plus, all episodes, new and old, may be exclusively available for the United States and the United Kingdom viewers.

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What is Big Shot Season 2 about?

Marvyn Korn is at the center of Big Shot, a sitcom by David E. Kelley, Dean Lorey, and Brad Garrett (Stamos). After being fired as the head coach of an NCAA basketball team, Coach Korn is given a second chance at coaching at Westbrook, a prestigious all-girls private high school.

However, he quickly discovers that the teenage players he is in charge of require empathy and vulnerability, two concepts that are foreign to the tough Coach Korn.

Where can I watch the Big Shot Season 2 trailer?

The new trailer provides us the first glimpse at Marvyn Korn’s (Stamos) ongoing work. He seeks forgiveness as a high school basketball coach at an all-female school after being fired from his high-stakes job at the University of Wisconsin.

What is the plot of Big Shot Season 2?

In Season 2, Korn returns to Westbrook with renewed vigor and the determination to prove that he is still the dominant force in college basketball that made him a champion. Marvyn’s next strategy for gaining notoriety is to get his squad featured on ESPN, and he plans to do so by signing an unusual player: Ava, a courageous beach volleyball phenom whose public tantrum got her kicked out of her own sport. 

The Westbrook Sirens had much more to prove this year than they did last, thanks to the departure of assistant coach Holly Barrett to a rival school, increased tensions among teammates, an unanticipated closeness to guys, and other calamities off the field that no one saw coming.

Who is the cast of Big Shot Season 2?

Following are descriptions of the main characters who will likely return for Season 2:

  • John Stamos plays volatile basketball coach Marvyn Korn at San Diego’s Westbrook School for Girls.
  • Jessalyn Gilsig plays Holly Barrett, the assistant coach and biology teacher for the Westbrook Sirens.
  • Richard Robichaux portrays George Pappas, guidance counselor at Westbrook School for Girls.
  • Sophia Mitri Schloss played the role of Marvyn and Emma’s adolescent daughter.
  • Nell Verlaque plays Louise Gruzinsky, the team’s superstar and point guard for the Westbrook Sirens. The gymnasium at her school was named after her clan.
  • Tiana Le plays Westbrook Sirens’ big lady Destiny Winters. She develops feelings for Coach Korn after she tells him about the death of her father.
  • Monique Green is playing the role of Olive Cooper, a social media addict on the Westbrook Sirens. She is not a member of a very rich family.

What are the reviews of Big Shot Season 2?

It’s become a fast favorite with viewers and critics alike. Fans have been waiting since the show’s premiere last year to find out if it will be returning to Disney this year. To those who may have missed it, season two of the show will premiere in October, 2022. Fans have been waiting a whole year to see the new episodes, and they will finally air this fall. John Stamos’s brilliant performance as Coach Marvyn Korn has been a major factor in the show’s success. Disney+ has shown its bravery and compassion by renewing Big Shot for a second season.

watch big shot season 2

What is the Big Shot Season 2 IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating?

Season 2 of Big Shot has an IMDb Rating of 7.5 out of 10, whereas, the show has 78% Critic Rating and 80% Audience Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Where to watch Big Shot Season 2 online?

You can watch Big Shot Season 2 on Disney+.

What are the reasons to watch Big Shot Season 2?

Big Shot (April 16 on Disney+), co-created by David E. Kelley, Dean Lorey (Harley Quinn), and Everybody Loves Raymond actor Brad Garrett, is funnier than its trailer suggests and more targeted toward a younger audience than anything Kelley has done since Doogie Howser, M.D. It includes the eccentric characters, touching family dynamics, and low-stakes office tensions typical of a Kelley production.  

It’s not Sesame Street and it’s not Breaking Bad. It’s not too cheap, and it’s not too extravagant, and it’s of good quality. This show makes up for its lack of edge with genuine emotion. In my opinion, the show is heartwarming and sincere without being overly mushy.

How many episodes of Big Shot Season 2 are there?

There will reportedly be 10 episodes in the new series, all of which will be released simultaneously. Since the network will announce the times and dates that the episodes will be available on the streaming service. The upgrades will be released in the following weeks, so we ask that fans be patient.

What else can I watch on Disney Plus?

What are some early reactions and comments about Big Shot Season 2?


Who are the creators of the series?

Big Shot is produced by ABC Signature at Disney Television Studios and is part of the Disney Channel. Bill D’Elia is also an Executive Producer on the show, in addition to creators David E. Kelley, Dean Lorey, and Brad Garrett.

What is the age rating for Big Shot?

Big Shot is classified as a TV-PG for language, but I think that’s low. It’s a bit much for Disney+. Family-friendly basketball dramedy.

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