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Hey there, all the streamers out there! The mega-yacht journey of a lifetime is taken by wealthy thrill-seekers in this series as they engage in thrilling YOLO experiences and daring pursuits against some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. Season 1 will take place in the glacial fjords of Norway, where charter guests may do paragliding, cave repelling, and cold-water diving during the day, eat freshly caught fish right from the Scandinavian waters at night and yet get all steamy in the hot tub during the day. The crew will be under unimaginable pressure due to the high standards of high-end luxury and the physical demands of cold-weather excursions. Here comes Below Deck Adventure Season 1, set to release on November 2, 2022. So, get ready the streamers of Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia to get awesome details of this series.

The reality TV series follows a yacht crew, with a captain who has decades of experience and demands nothing but the best experience for the guests on board. Keep reading and watch Below Deck Adventure 2022 Season 1 as it premieres on Peacock.

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What is the release date of Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

Below Deck Adventure season 1 comes out on November 2, 2022. 

Where to Watch Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Online?

You can watch Below Deck Adventure season 1 on Peacock.

What is Below Deck Adventure Season 1 About?

The Below Deck franchise is a series of reality shows that focus on the lives of the crew members of super yachts as they sail around the world. Below Deck Adventure is the latest spinoff and is set to debut on Bravo.

The franchise has gained popularity and is known to be one of the most profitable and most-watched series on the network.

What is the Plot of Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

The show is going to be all about the cabin crew, captain, and the high-maintenance guests on board the luxurious motor yacht Mercury. Captain Kerry Titheradge will be up for several challenges as he steers across the narrow Norwegian fjords alongside the crew members who can sometimes be a handful.

As the cruise sails across Norway, the stewards and deckhands will be up against the chores that come with their jobs — often a challenge on their own — but they’ll tend to other adventures alongside as they explore the fjords Of Norway.

Exploring the Norwegian fjords

The Norwegian fjords
The Norwegian fjords

What is usually a warmer coast of Europe in the other Below Deck series, is replaced by Norway’s glacial territories and will be a constant battle for the contestants. Chef Jess Condy talks about the cruciality of the setting, “You fall in the water in the Bahamas, you just catch a tan,” she says. “Here you can get hypothermia and die.”

In an interview with TV Insider, Captain Titheradge revealed the activities to look forward to in this season. “Massive waterfalls that have formed off glaciers, caves systems formed from centuries of erosion, paragliding, taking helicopters on top of mountains and sailing down, horse riding even riding down the mountain.”

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Official Trailer

Watch the teaser to the Below Deck Adventure season 1 and find out everything there is to get you excited for the spin-off series.

What’s the Cast of Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

The cast will feature The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Heather Gay as part of the crew. There’s much anticipation around Gay and fans are eager to know what challenges she’d be up against.

Led by Captain Kerry Titheradge, Here’s a list of all the crew members:

Faye Clarke – Chief StewardLewis Lupton – Buson
Jessica Condy – ChefMichael Gilman
Oriana SchnepsKyle Dickard
Kasie FaddahNathan Morley

Captain Kerry Titheradge

A captain for the past 30 years and has experience in working on boats along with 20 years in yachting.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Chef Jess Condy

Leading the kitchen and ensuring scrumptious meals is chef Condy, specialist in Mediterranean and Asian-Fusion cuisine.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Chief Stew Faye Clarke

She will ensure the rest of the stewardesses have a leader who keeps everything under control. She sure knows who’s the boss and how to make others respect her!

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Bosun Lewis Lupton

Leading the Deckhands is Bosun Lupton who has proven himself in his previous experiences during sailing. Lupton must balance friendship and getting work done like a boss from his deck mates.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Stew Oriana Schneps

Chief Stew Faye Clarke may just have found herself a competition! Schneps has prior experience as a chief stew and knows how to get work done, should she get stuck in trouble.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1

Stew Kasie Faddah

Faddah loves all things adventure, she has unmatched adrenaline and won’t hesitate having her “legs in the air” any moment she can.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Deckhand Kyle Dickard

A wanderer at heart, Dickard possesses great love for travel and discovered yachting during his time in the Bahamas.

Deckhand Michael Gilman

His love for the sea life was enough to make him abandon his degree in computer science. Gilman has previously worked on commercial vessels and has learnt a lot more about yachting through this opportunity.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Deckhand Nathan Morely

Wanderlust with a knack for adventure, Morely has been around yachting since 2017 and is an adept deckhand.

Below Deck Adventure Season 1 Cast

Episodes of Below Deck Adventure Season 1Release Dates, Recap Details & Much More

The series is supposed to have 5 episodes as of now, more information may be revealed as the first episode airs.

Season 1 Episode 1: Mercury Rising

In this S01e01, as a previous entrepreneur with international expertise, Faye joins Mercury Yacht Mercury as the chief stew. However, after learning that her team of stews is acquainted, she begins to worry about how their shared history would affect the interior. Episode 1 of Season 1 got released on November 1, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 2: Viking Cowboy

In this S01e02, the charter goes on a caving trip for the first adventure of the season, but Kyle ends up getting himself into trouble by making out with Kasie in front of other visitors. Episode 2 of Season 1 got released on November 8, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 3: The Norwegian Tussle

In this S01e03, Lewis cautions Kyle that Capt. Kerry is on high alert due to his bad behaviour and should the Mercury engines fail, Kerry will have to rely on his inexperienced deck crew to complete a perilous docking. Episode 3 of Season 1 got released on November 15, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 4: Mercury Mayhem

In this S01e04, Capt. Kerry informs the crew that Kyle has been asked to quit as the Mercury team gets ready for their next charter; as pressure mounts on both the interior and exterior team due to their overwhelming workload; Capt. Kerry assists the deck crew. Episode 4 of Season 1 got released on November 22, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 5: Under the Bubbles

In this S01e05, following Jess’ self-inflicted burns, Captain Kerry helps to put together a gourmet picnic for the visitors’ excursion; Nathan takes them on a thrilling bike ride; and Lewis deals with the stress of being the only guy available for another charter. Episode 5 of Season 1 got released on November 29, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 6: (The Real) Yacht-wives of Norway

In this S01e06, on anchor watch, Nathan goes to bed before turning the watch over, leaving the boat unattended; Oriana struggles to keep up with the pace of breakfast in the galley, and a slip-up puts the exterior at risk of losing yet another deckhand. Episode 6 of Season 1 got released on December 6, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 7: Aye, Aye, Captain Deckhand

In this S01e07, Mike misses a call, Jess experiments with a dessert she’s never cooked before, communication problems plague Lewis on deck when his new deckhand arrives, and Faye sets her eyes on the new guy as the struggle between the teams intensifies. Episode 7 of Season 1 got released on December 13, 2022.

Season 1 Episode 8: Elevate Yourself

In this S01e08, a fresh deckhand a dish mix-up at a meal with a Viking Oktoberfest theme causes issues; Faye takes the guests paragliding; Seth finds leadership weaknesses in his department and asserts he could handle it more effectively. Episode 8 of Season 1 got released on December 27, 2022.

What are the reviews of Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

The Good Fight showrunner, Robert King shared his thoughts about Below Deck Adventure: “If you want a recommendation, it’s one of those gold star recommendations of a show that may seem stupid to some people, but is not at all.”

What is IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes rating for Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

The series is yet to be released hence ratings are not available as of now.

What are the Reactions and Comments About Below Deck Adventure Season 1?

Many fans are taking to their social media handles to share their excitement about the show. A Reddit user claimed, “I’m excited for this one based on the scenery alone!” Another fan added, “the Chief Stew appears to not be whiny and doesn’t take any crap. Let’s go!!”

Twitter is also abuzz with discussion about the show. Here are some of the tweets:

Previous Seasons of Below Deck Adventure Season 1

This is the first season of Below Deck Adventure but there have been several other adaptations of the show as well as the standalone Below Deck series that has aired 9 seasons until now.

What Else Can I Watch on Peacock?

Here’s the list of shows and movies, you can watch on Peacock TV:

Other Series like Below Deck Adventure Season 1

Where Else Can I Watch Below Deck Adventure Season 1 online?

You can watch it online on Peacock.


What is the Below Deck Adventure Season 1 premiere date? When does Below Deck Adventure start?

Season 1 of Below Deck Adventure premieres on Bravo TV on November 1, 2022, and come to Peacock on November 2, 2022.

What’s the best season on Below Deck?

Below Deck season 6 was rated as the best season setting a new benchmark for other seasons to follow.

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