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Would you trust a stranger who is a bit too kind? You’ll be left asking this question after watching the movie Barbarian. Cregger’s directorial debut will premiere on HBO Max on October 25, 2022. The cast — Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgård, and Justin Long — has done absolute justice to the plot and make the audience’s hair stand on end. One Reddit user described it as “completely original, unhinged and bonkers”, adding that “you will want to experience this with virgin eyes!”

Get to know everything about the new horror thriller by Zach Cregger (except the spoilers, of course!), and learn how to watch Barbarian (2022) from anywhere in the world.

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What is the release date of Barbarian Movie 2022?

Barbarian’s digital release will be on the streaming giant HBO Max on October 25, 2022. Did we mention it will be available in 4K Ultra HD? You know what that means!

What is Barbarian Movie 2022 about?

People who’ve watched Barbarian report that the film is a commentary on gender, and how crime and violence are overlooked by police in impoverished neighborhoods. It is a subtle commentary on Detroit’s economic and cultural abandonment. For example, the setting of the film is a house on 476 Barbary St. is a nod to the movie’s title. The address is the spoken word closest to the title of the movie within the movie.

What’s behind the title Barbarian Movie 2022?

There’s been much speculation about what the title Barbarian means. While the title ‘Barbarian’ may sound simple, perhaps an uncivilized person, the context in which Gregger uses the term is more complex.

“Truth be told, I had to name the document something when I saved it the first time,” Zach Cregger tells the story behind the name of the movie.

“I was writing the script and I had to write something to save it, or it was going to be called ‘Untitled Screenplay’, and so I wrote ‘Barbarian’ and then I got attached to it,” Cregger explained, adding that the more he wrote the script, the more the movie “wrapped itself around that title.”

However, just like the movie, the title still remains open to several interpretations.

What is the Synopsis of Barbarian Movie 2022?

Barbarian follows a young woman named Tess who books herself an Airbnb on the outskirts of Detroit to spend some days in the city before her interview. To her dismay, the rental had been double-booked and upon her arrival, she discovers that a stranger named Keith is already staying there. She agrees to stay the night there, and thus begins one of the biggest mistakes of her life. A series of unusual and unexpected events begin to unfold, putting Tess in grave danger.

What’s the trailer for Barbarian Movie 2022 like?

The trailer sets a perfectly frightening premise for Barbarian. Tess (Campbell) is seen ringing the doorbell of the rental she had booked a month ago. A man named Keith (Skarsgård) answers the door, informing her that he is already renting the place. Watch the rest because Gregger sure knows how to play with his audience’s expectations.

What Makes “Barbarian’s Brightmoor” a Symbolic Microcosm of Detroit’s Housing Crisis?

Through the lens of the Brightmoor neighbourhood in Detroit, Zach Cregger’s Barbarian shows the severity of the city’s housing issue. At first, Tess Marshall’s (Georgina Campbell) eyes couldn’t adjust to the deterioration of her Airbnb. Brightmoor, the neighbourhood where the new horror film Barbarian by Zach Cregger takes place, is cloaked in darkness. While Brightmoor may be evocative of the 1990s horror film Sugar Ditch Alley set in Mississippi, it is more than just a fictional hellscape. It’s a real area of the city that’s dying off along with the rest because of the housing problem.

What are 5e Barbarian subclasses?

When it comes to combat, the Barbarian class in Dungeons & Dragons is second to none. Their fury gives them strength in battle and allows them to easily defeat any opposition. To put it simply, barbarians are DnD’s primary melee combatants. They go headfirst into the fray and open up with punches. Although the name “barbarian” is often used loosely in Dungeons & Dragons, a true barbarian is a fierce combatant. They could be driven by vengeance, family or clan devotion, dedication to a cause, or even ambition. True barbarians share nothing save a fierce rage that fuels their might.

What’s the cast of Barbarian?

The cast of Barbarian will see spectacular actors known for their acting, especially with the likes of Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård, known for his role as Pennywise the Clown in the hit horror movie, It.

Leading the cast as the protagonist Tess is British (mostly) television actress Georgina Campbell (‘Broadchurch’, ‘Black Mirror’, ‘All My Friends Hate Me’).

Another performance to look forward to is that of Justin Long, known mostly for comedies — Jeepers Creepers (2001), Dodgeball (2004), Accepted (2006), Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008) — but also some horror movies — Drag Me to Hell (2009), House of Darkness (2022).

What are the reviews of Barbarian?

Leigh Monson of The A.V. Club thinks Zach Gregger’s directorial debut is “impressive” given that he slowly builds suspense that draws viewers into the silliness, and convinces them of a bizarre, heart-pounding scenario.

Variety critic Peter Debruge drew our attention towards a point that stands extremely valid in the case of Barbarian, and most might just miss the point given the intensity of the film. He says, “For female audiences, this corresponds to a real-world fear of how not to become a #MeToo victim, then blindsides us with a very different kind of terror.”

Discussing the cast, Debruge continued, “Cregger was clever to enlist Long for such a role since the actor is enormously likable but doesn’t shy away from playing creeps”.

What are IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings for Barbarian?

IMDb has rated Barbarian with a 7.6/10, while Rotten Tomatoes rates it a 92% on the Tomatometer, receiving an audience score of 70%.

What are the reactions and comments about Barbarian?

A Reddit user’s review hints at what we can expect from the horror flick: “The Marketing on this Movie was OUTSTANDING. Didn’t give away ANY plot whatsoever.”

“It evokes some emotions I had not felt in horror for years,” an IMDb user remarked.

What else can I watch on HBO Max?

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Where to watch Barbarian Movie 2022 online?

Barbarian may easily be streamed online, anywhere around the world on HBO Max. You can also stream it on DIRECTV at the best prices.


Where can I stream Barbarian Movie 2022?

You can stream it on HBO Max beginning October 25, 2022.

How scary is Barbarian Movie 2022?

Barbarian is a dark, incredibly gruesome horror film (with satirical undertones) about a sinister residence in Detroit. Watch at your own risk!

How long is Barbarian Movie 2022?

The runtime is 1 hour and 43 minutes.

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