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Netflix is set to premiere an action-packed mystery thriller movie, starring the main actors Holly Mae Brood, Géza Weisz, and Frank Lammers. Thriller fans can watch the movie The Takeover (2022) from November 1st, 2022. Annemarie van de Mond has directed this amazing thriller, while Hans Erik Kraan and Tijs van Marle have written it.

The movie depicts the narrative of an ethical hacker who searches for her blackmailer. As she exposes a privacy scandal which gets her falsely accused of murder. That’s why she has to flee from the police while attempting to find the criminals who are blackmailing her.

What is ‘The Takeover (2022)’ about?

The upcoming Netflix Original The Takeover (2022) is surrounded by the themes of action, crime, and thriller. About 1 hour and 27 minutes long, the movie will feature some high-class action scenes.

Although you will witness Holly Mae Brood, Geza Weisz, Frank Lammers, Susan Radde, Walid Benmbare, and Noortje Herlaar, starring in the movie.  Holly Mae Brood is the main focus of the movie, as Mel Bandison, who is portrayed as a brilliant and incredibly skilled high-tech hacker involved in some risky criminal activity. She gets falsely accused of murder after she discovers an extremely dangerous conspiracy of an international crime network unintentionally. 

Therefore, Mel embarks on a deadly solo mission to uncover the criminals behind the murder she have been accused of and who are blackmailing her. However, she gets more into the trouble of the criminal world while trying to clear her name. As she has to try her best to hide from the police and find these criminals.

Where can I watch the trailer of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

Here’s the sneak peek of the upcoming movie:

What is the plot of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

The Takeover (2022) focuses on the movie’s central character Mel Bandison (played by Holly Mae Brood), who is a genius high-tech hacker. When she discovers a dark private scandal, which gets her stuck in a risky conspiracy.

She is accused of murder and has no way to clear her identity, so she attempts to go against all odds and hardship. From escaping the police to putting herself in great danger, merely attempting to find the criminals who are blackmailing her. 

Who is the cast of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

The movie’s main cast members include the protagonist Mel Brandison (played by Holly Mae Brood). She is portrayed as a self-made and proclaimed Hacker in the movie who is stuck between a few dangerous conspiracies. She tries to uncover the criminals who are blackmailing her.

Other supporting actors include Thomas Deen (as Geza Weisz), Lawrence Sheldon (as Rogers), Marco Eradus (as DSI), Jenny Hsia (as Teamlid), and Anna Deborah van der Rhee (as Detective).

The additional cast members include Frank Lammers, Susan Radder, Walid Benmbarek, Noortje Herlaar, Jeremiah Fleming, and Werknemer Rogers. However, their roles in the movie have not been officially disclosed yet.

the takeover 2022 scene

What is the release date of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

 Netflix will release the action-packed thriller movie The Takeover (2022) on November 1st, 2022.

What is the IMDb rating of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

IMDb hasn’t rated the movie as it has not been released yet. However, we will update it as soon as we get it.

Where to watch ‘The Takeover (2022)’ online?

The upcoming action thriller movie The Takeover (2022) will be available to watch on Netflix exclusively.

What is the review of ‘The Takeover (2022)’?

The film’s exceptionally well-crafted plot and screenplay are predicted to win the heart of the audience. Mel is anticipated to find out more during her quest and to seek help from someone in whom she had a great deal of trust. The film’s creators haven’t provided many details, but the recently published trailer and other internet sources indicate that it will be an outstanding effort in the domain of crime and action.

The first-ever action, crime, and thriller movie from the Netherlands is eagerly anticipated by viewers. The audience’s interest has been captured by the storyline and trailer that have been released officially. The cast and the plot both appear to be quite original and interesting. A buzz has been generated online on various social media platforms by its trailer.

The movie is receiving great hopes from the audience. It wasn’t created in the English language, but there will be a few dubbed versions accessible as well. To write a better review, the audience is anticipating the movie’s official release date. Little information regarding the movie has been released till now.

What else can I watch on Netflix?

Wrapping Up!

Thriller fans hold your seats to witness the chills by tuning into the upcoming high-action movie filled with mystery.

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