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Jeff Goldblum walked the red carpet at the premiere of the Jurassic Park nearly after 30 years, he reflected on the red carpet premiere he initially attended for the movie.

Jeff discussed the film’s legacy and his memories of the star-studded Jurassic Park premiere in 1993 with ET, including munching on popcorn with Princess Diana.

There were, you know, there were a few, with things like this, I’ll tell you, you know, the first one we had, I’m remembering London. We showed it to – speaking of the Jubilee, the Platinum Jubilee – we showed it to Princess Diana and we had a kind of a royal screening.

When asked about standing close to Princess Diana at that time, Goldblum interrupted immediately and corrected, saying he was sitting, not standing. He vividly remembered sitting next to the Princess of Wales and the two apparently shared popcorn.

That’s all I can say. No, I was very much a gentleman and she was a spectacular lady.

The fact that the Jurassic Park franchise has lasted this long is nearly unfathomable for Goldblum and others. According to him, his time as Dr. Ian Malcolm was trippy yet great.

Yes, 30 years, jeez. I never did anything that lasted 30 years, like, this is kind of an amazing, you know, trippy little experience. Now, I’m just processing it now, cause here we are at this moment, we’ve waited a long time.

Jeff Goldblum has now officially reunited with original cast mates Sam Neil, Laura Dern, and BD Wong, as well as Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for the new movie.

Jurassic World: Dominion will hit cinemas on June 10.


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