How to Watch Underworld Movies in Order in UK


The Underworld series, which is part of a larger franchise, is a mind-boggling show that shows the ongoing fight between two persistent adversaries, namely vampires and werewolves. There are several violent confrontations between the two over the whole underworld film canon. The middle of the competition also symbolizes the love that two hybrids, Selene (a vampire) and Michael (a Lycan), have for one another. The Underworld movies are always a pleasure to see. If you are curious about the best order to view them, here is a comprehensive reference to all of the Underworld movies and information on the number of different Underworlds.

Because the Underworld film series is only tangentially based on the Marvel character of the same name, you must see each Marvel film to dispel any misunderstandings about the connection between the two film series. Let’s get started on the Underworld movie sequence, and while we’re at it, let’s count how many movies there are in the Underworld franchise.

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Which of the Following Is the Ideal Sequence in Which to View the Underworld Films:

The conflict between vampires and werewolves is the primary focus of “The Underworld Movies,” which covers the tale in its entirety ( full moon beasts). The Underworld series, much like the other franchise, has an extensive amount of action and violence that might be difficult to follow at times. In 2022, there are two alternative sequences to see the Underworld film series:

Chronological Order Release Order
S.NOMovie NameMovie NameRelease Year
1.Underworld: Rise of the Lycans(2009)Underworld2003
2.Underworld: Endless War(Part I)(2011)Underworld: Evolution2006
3.Underworld: Endless War(Part II)(2011)Underworld: Rise of the Lycans2009
4.Underworld(2003)Underworld: Endless Wars2011
5.Underworld: Evolution(2006)Underworld: Awakening2012
6.Underworld: Endless War (Part III)(2001) Underworld: Blood Wars2016
7.Underworld: Awakening(2012)
8.Underworld: Blood Wars(2016)

However, to fully comprehend the chain of events in each new Underworld film and to ensure that one does not miss any important details, one needs to see the Underworld films in the sequence they were first distributed. Therefore, let’s go over the whole rundown of the Underworld movie franchise in the series they were released.

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Underworld Movies in Order

Underworld (2003)

The first movie about the underworld, titled “Underworld,” was produced in 2003. It introduced the world to the characters of the underworld, which included Selene and an ongoing conflict between a clan of cultured vampires and a clan of barbaric Lycans. The goal of Selene’s mission is to rid the world of werewolves forever. She manages to rescue a human being called Michael while engaged in combat. However, Selene quickly recognises that a Lycan has bitten Michael. She also discovers the truth about the death of her parents, which is that the person responsible was a vampire named Viktor and not the Lycans.

Additionally, it is discovered by the two that Michael is a genetic descendent of the Cornvirus and has the potential to become a hybrid. The bite that Selene gives Michael after this Underworld movie transforms him into a mixture. Both vampires and werewolves are now pursuing the pair.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)

Writer: Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride

Director: Len Wiseman

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Scott Speedman, Bill Nighy

Throughout this film, Selene and Michael investigate their family trees throughout this film and learn the family lore. They meet a long-dead vampire named Alexander, who enlightens them on the origins of both vampires and Lycans. Alexander is then attacked by a second vampire named Markus. They fight each other in a conflict that ultimately results in Alexander being gravely wounded. He requests that Selene taste his blood so that she may grant him mixed abilities. Both Michael and Selene, in their hybrid forms, are now prepared to engage in the battle.

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009)

Writer: Danny McBride

Director: Patrick Tatopoulos

Cast: Rhona Mitra, Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy

The origin of Lycans is ultimately explained in the film Rise of the Lycans, which was released in 2017. The plot of the movie Rise of the Lycans centred on Lucian, played by Michael Sheen, who is brought up by an older vampire named Viktor. Lucian matures into an adult and eventually falls in love with Sonja, Victor’s daughter. Sonja is put in jail by Victor when he discovers her affair with a Lycan and finds out about their secret relationship. When he discovers that his daughter has gotten pregnant by a Lycan’s offspring, he flies into a rage. As a result of his fury, he is responsible for the death of his daughter, which in turn causes Lucian to develop deep-seated hate toward vampires. This underworld film, Rise of the Lycans, opens with the beginning of the never-ending conflict between vampires and Lycans.

Underworld: Endless War (2011)

Writer: Kevin Grevioux, Danny McBride

Director: Juno John Lee

Cast: Trevor Devall, Brian Dobson, Laura Harris

The animated film Underworld: Endless War is the most recent instalment in the long-running Underworld film series. The endless battle is used to define the character of Selene, the Death Dealer, in three separate periods that begin in 1890, continue through 1967, and finally conclude in 2012. Selene is waging war and formulating a strategy to remove the three strong Lycan brothers disguised as Persian rulers and cruelly dominating their subjects. The job that Selene is tasked with accomplishing is subject to change throughout the years as both technology and armaments advance.

Watch this movie about the underworld’s everlasting struggle to determine whether the conflict between vampires and Lycans will finally end in 2012.

Underworld: Awakening (2012)

Writer: Len Wiseman

Director: Mans Marlind

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley

This is the fourth instalment in the Underworld film series. Humans and government officials gain knowledge of the existence of vampires and Lycans. The Vampires are being used as objects of study by humans so that they may get the most significant benefit from their strength; as a result, they begin searching for them.

A cryogenic suspension is also being used to hold Selene prisoner. Around the year 2015, she comes to and discovers that her species has gone extinct. Watching the other films in the series will help you comprehend this, the most okay movie in the Underworld franchise, and discover how she gets away and how she saves her race. Watch this movie, which can be found on the Underworld list, in the correct sequence.

Underworld: Blood Wars (2016)

Writer: Corry Goodman

Director: Anna Foerster

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, Tobias Menzies.

Up to this point, this has been the last film in the series. Both vampires and Lycans are on the verge of extinction in the Underworld: Blood Wars 2016 movie, and both species are intent on tracking down Selene.

During their trip to the Eastern coven, Selene and David, a teenage vampire, discover that David is the rightful successor to him. The relationship between Selene and her daughter Eve has become estranged. The Lycans have succeeded in finding Selene and have now assaulted the Coven. During the battle, Selene finds out that Michael was taken out by one of the Lycans. The vampires are victorious in this battle of the bloody wars, and Selene and David are selected to take their places as the new Elders of the vampires. After Underworld: Blood Wars 2016, Eve and her mother Selene are brought back together after a long apart. Before seeing this, the last film in the Underworld series, it is essential to watch the movie that came before it in sequence.


Will there be a seventh Underworld movie in the future?

According to Kate Beckinsale, who played a significant part in Underground, it is quite improbable that this will take place. As of right presently, there will be six movies in the Underworld series by January of 2022.

Why did Michael decide not to come back for further Underworld episodes?

Len Wiseman claims that each film has a unique backstory to tell in connection with the main character, Selene. After concentrating on Selene and Michael throughout the previous two films, the fourth film centers on the relationship between Selene and her daughter Eve. This is because Michael’s character did not go back to the underworld.

Does the Underworld series have episodes available on Netflix?

You can view “Underworld” on Netflix; that much is true. Netflix has just made it accessible for viewing, and you may now watch it.

What is the total number of Underworld movies?

There have been five Underworld films released, along with an animated series, thus far.

Wrapping Up:

After the fifth and most successful Underworld movie was produced, there was talk of adding a sixth instalment to the Underworld series. However, Beckinsale said that she would not be returning for any more Underworld movies to continue the Underworld series. You shouldn’t have any more questions about the number of Underworld movies now that you’ve read this.

To summarise, as of right now, the Underworld series includes not just five live-action films but also one animated film. We hope that by reading this post, you will be better able to view the Underworld movies in the correct sequence.