How To Watch David Makes Man Season 2 On OWN in UK


Here’s how to watch David Makes Man Season 2 On OWN.

Overview: What’s the story about?

Television was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Award for “Best Drama,” a coveted Gotham Award, and was awarded “Best Television” after the year. Liza, the year 2019. In August 2019, “David Makes Man” debut was met with critical praise. The program was described as “profoundly beautiful and unique” by the New York Times and as “one of the most innovative television series most fascinating this year” by the Washington Post. 

In its debut season, the sitcom placed second among African American women on cable television, with over 4.1 million unique viewers on OWN. Season two picks up with David in his 30s (Kwame Patterson, “Snowfall,” “The Wire”), a rising businessman confronting an opportunity that will permanently transform him and his town; escalating pressure leads David to choose between his survival instincts and finding a new way to live genuinely. For season two, Patterson and Arlen Escarpeta’s adult versions of David and his brother JG join series regulars Akili McDowell, Travis Coles, Alana Arenas, and Cayden K. Williams.


What is the plot of David Makes Man Season 2?

While Season 1 of “David Makes Man” focuses primarily on a young David and his struggles to figure out what he wants to do with his life, Season 2 will skip forward in time. After Season 1, David learns the hard truth about what happened to Sky and how dangerous Raynan’s uncle, Tio Teo (Nolasco), is. While David believes he has everything under control, everything comes to a head as he attempts to flee the dark ties that bind him to his neighbourhood and the gang.

It’s evident that “David Makes Man,” a show that wowed critics and ordinary viewers alike with its first season, wants to keep reinventing itself and expanding its representation of people of colour’s particular struggles and life experiences in America.

Quick Steps: Watch David Makes Man Season 2 in UK via VPN in 2022

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How to Watch “David Makes Man Season 2 “: Is it Streaming Online?

This summer, the narrative of David and his adventures continues. The second season of David Makes Man’s television series will premiere on OWN on Tuesday, June 22. the second season consists of ten episodes this time.

David Makes Guy” is about a young man from the project called David. His friend’s death haunts him, as does his mother’s struggle to find a path out of poverty. In season two, David (Kwame Patterson) is 30 years old and a burgeoning businessman with a chance to improve his life and the lives of others around him. 

When is David Makes Man Season 2 premiere (OWN) streaming online?

The Peabody Award-winning drama “David Makes Man” debuts on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on Tuesday, June 22 at 9 p.m. ET / PT. 

Season two sees David in his 30s (Kwame Patterson, “Snowfall,” “The Wire”), a rising businessman confronted with a chance that will permanently impact him and his neighbourhood. The increasing strain drives David to choose between his survival instincts and finding a new way to live fully. In October 2020, the production relocated to Orlando, Florida, and started shooting.

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Who Cast and crew in David Make Man Season 2 premiere?

  • Tony Plana (“Ugly Betty,” “The Affair”) as “Joe Padilla,” a millionaire real estate developer who offers David an ambitious chance.
  • “Nicole,” played by Brittany S. Hall (“Ballers”), is a clever and honest architect who dates David while also enjoying his independence.
  • “Adult Marissa,” a Miami-based marine scientist, the activist, and guardian of the land and water is played by Erica Lutrell (“Westworld,” “Salvation”). Marissa strives to establish that corporate wealth is hazardous to everyone as an old college buddy turned adversary threatens South Florida’s natural equilibrium.
  • Zsane («Good Trouble», «Black Lightning») is an outstanding businessman known as «Adult Shella». She leads a group of La Ville locals in their struggle against a real estate renovation firm attempting to gentrify their neighbourhood.
  • “Robin,” Gloria’s faithful and level colleague, is played by Bobbi Baker (“House of Payne”). Together, they manage Robin’s Nest, a foster home for LGBTQ+ adolescents in Little Havana.
  • Denise, an office worker at the Edwards legal company, is played by Patrice Arenas (“Celestial”) (where David works).
  • Trinity Cidel portrays “Trenise,” David’s brother JG’s gifted daughter. 
  • “Trisha,” JG’s long-term lover and mother of his kid, is played by Brandi Huzzie (“The Demon in the Dark”). 
  • “Corey Roberts,” a Miami district commissioner and politician, is played by Rodney Gardiner (“The Warriors”). 
  • “Elan,” Joe Padilla’s nephew and David’s uninvited helper, is played by Janmarco Santiago (“The Fate of the Furious”).
  • Kiel Adrian Scott (“David Makes Man,” “The Bobby Brown Story”), who directed five episodes of the first season, returns for the second season.

OWN Supported Devices

The Watch OWN app is available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. You can also watch on your computer at

What’s the Wrap?

Fans are anxiously waiting for this series.