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The Boys season 3 is all set to release its first three episodes on June 3rd on Prime Video. Much speculation has been going on around Homelander as the season 3 trailer is itself an overwhelming proof that Homelander is more hazardous than ever before.

The roots of Homelander lay the groundwork for a profoundly damaged individual. From infancy, he was raised in a lab to be the world’s greatest superhero. He had no parental attachments and was regularly tested by frigid Vought scientists. Throughout The Boys, two Homelander personalities are on showcase: one is the clean-cut superman admired by the public, while the other is the murderous maniac who gets away with crimes in secret.

After watching the trailers, my theory says that Noir is impersonating Homelander’s public personality, and that’s why I’m assuming they will reveal Noir. The trailer’s sequence with Homelander in front of the mirror is based on the comics. It’s probably Noir in Homelander’s outfit and is rehearsing emotions and mannerisms when he emerges in public. Let’s not overlook Annie’s statements about him being insane and damaged. It may be interpreted in various ways because, of course, Homelander is that way. But what if it’s all the more visible because it’s Noir. He’s claiming to be Homelander, but he’s exaggerating everything to make him appear even more insane, much like in the comics.


Homelander feels strange in the trailer, specifically, the scene in which he is shirtless. His face appears to be somewhat plastic. What if Noir is genuinely waking up after undergoing surgery? Since the battle with Maeve, we haven’t seen Noir, so who knows what chemicals Vought is injecting him with. Nonetheless, if Vought can heal, that would explain why ‘Homelander’ looks so strange in that scenario. The skin seems slick and plastic, almost as if it has been repaired. And, as you may recall, in the first episode of Season 2, Noir’s skin became scorched and burnt.

Maybe it’s the original Homelander in the glass smashing scene, whose powers have been destroyed by Soldier Boy, explaining why he is enraged and about to smash the glass separating him from the person on the other side. In addition, Lamplighter informed Hughie that Vought had Supes containment chambers. While I doubt there would be one powerful enough to restrain Homelander, if his superpowers are weakened then; that’s a different issue, which makes sense given that there is plain glass separating Homelander and the woman in the trailer.


“Showing you the real me,” the emphasis of this, I believe, is a strong clue. It seems like Eric Kripke and The Boys team, in general, gloated about essentially telling us what was going on right from the start, but no one caught up on it. While fans were outraged that The Boys revealed they had supernatural abilities, what if it was a diversion from the major big twist, the Noir reveal?

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