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Paramount Plus is one of the leading streaming services in the market these days. They provide you with the best quality of live sports streaming including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Super Bowl 2023 and much more. They also have been awarded for being one of the leading streaming service many times. Additionally, they also allow their users to stream their Crime TV Shows, Movies and Originals which are made in house. That’s so much going on under one roof.

The only issue that comes upfront for any user globally wanting to stream Live sports on Paramount Plus is that they will face geo-restrictions if they reside outside the US. For that you will need tune into ExpressVPN (Top Recommendation) to get through the geo-restrictions to watch Live Sports on Paramount+. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started now and stream seamlessly.

Quick Steps to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus from Anywhere in the World

  1. Select a Reliable VPN [We Recommend ExpressVPN OR NordVPN as they guarantee zero buffer when streaming sports]

  2. Download and Install ExpressVPN

  3. Connect to a server in US

  4. Login in to your platform

  5. Watch "Sports on Paramount Plus" live online without any buffering

Quick Guide to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus without Cable?

If you’re a fan of sports and want to get rid of your cable subscription, but you still want to watch live games, you can do that with Paramount Plus. Paramount Plus Login process is quite simple and can be done in few steps in less than a minute. Below are the mentioned steps for users to follow for Paramount Plus Login.

  1. Sign up for a Paramount Plus subscription. You can sign up for a free trial or choose from one of their monthly or annual plans.
  2. Download the Paramount Plus app on your preferred device. The app is available on a wide range of devices, including Smart TV, streaming devices, and mobile devices.
  3. Log in to your Paramount Plus account and navigate to the live sports section.
  4. Find and select the live sports event you want to watch. Paramount Plus offers live sports across a variety of sports and leagues, including NFL, MLB, NBA, and more.
  5. Enjoy watching the live sports on Paramount Plus without cable.

Additionally, Paramount Plus also offers a feature called “TV Everywhere,” which allows you to watch live sports on networks that are included in your Paramount Plus subscription. It’s worth noting that availability of live sports events on Paramount Plus may vary by location, and some events may be subject to blackout restrictions.

How much is Paramount Plus Subscription?

The monthly fee for the Essential plan is $4.99. Live NFL games, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League matches, and UEFA Europa Conference League games are available, however a local CBS affiliate is not. Paramount Plus is the only place where English-speaking soccer fans can watch coverage of every club in the UEFA Champions League.


The monthly fee for the Premium Plan was $9.99. The local CBS affiliate and all live sporting events are available to subscribers. The Premium package offers live sports coverage of:

  • SEC football on CBS
  • Premier League 2022-23
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship
  • The PGA Championship
  • The Masters
  • Combat Global MMA

Both the Essential and Premium plans are available for annual subscription at $49.99 and $99.99, respectively. When you pay for a yearly subscription instead of monthly, you save 16 percent.

List of Live Sports on Paramount Plus to Stream

How exactly do you go about watching sporting events on Paramount Plus? As the streaming service operated by Paramount Global, Paramount Plus is placing a significant emphasis on sporting events, with the intention of broadcasting more than one thousand live games annually.


Quite a few leagues, both collegiate and professional, have entered into streaming agreements with the service already. The local CBS networks will be responsible for broadcasting a significant portion of the live games that users will be able to watch. Because of this, it is possible that certain games that are not broadcast nationwide will only be available in particular regions.

Overall, Paramount Plus is a great option for cord-cutters looking to watch live sports without cable. You can also use 5 Best VPNs for Paramount Plus to access content that is restricted by region. Enjoy your favorite sports without the need for a cable subscription with Paramount Plus. Start streaming live sports today!

Will Paramount Plus have the Superbowl 2023?

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that is provided by Viacom CBS. Users will be able to watch Super Bowl LVII using this service. The game will be broadcasted live on the website, enabling users to follow the competition without having to leave the convenience of their own homes.


Additionally, there is a possibility that Paramount Plus will provide coverage of other events leading up to the Super Bowl, such as pre-game coverage and commentary, in addition to highlights and recaps of previous Super Bowls. On Paramount Plus, you will be able to view everything relating to the Super Bowl LVII.

Soccer Live Streaming on Paramount+

Paramount Plus is home to major sporting events globally. They have been streaming sports that provides the user with best 4K HD quality display without any buffering. The most viewed sports globally is Soccer and we all know that. Paramount Plus has been partners to stream UEFA Champions League every game as well as UEFA Europa League as well. Paramount Plus is the only U.S.-based streaming service to offer English commentary for every UEFA club competition match.

You can also stream football competitions like Women’s Super League, Serie A, La Liga games and much more with Paramount Plus. Also it offers you the channel called CBS Live which will be streaming premier league games too. In a nutshell, Paramount can be your goto platform to stream soccer without any hassle.

Basketball Live Streaming on Paramount+

Paramount Plus is the perfect destination for basketball fans. With a wide variety of live games, highlights, and analysis, you’ll never miss a moment of the action. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the NBA or NCAA March Madness on CBS and Paramount Plus has it all.


With exclusive access to top teams and players, you’ll be able to watch all the key moments from every game. So grab some popcorn and settle in, because with Paramount Plus, you’ll be able to watch basketball like never before.

Golf Live Streaming on Paramount+

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content, including live sports. One of the sports you can watch on Paramount Plus is golf. With access to tournaments and competitions from around the world, golf fans can stay up-to-date on the latest matches and scores. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of a specific player or just enjoy watching the sport in general, Paramount Plus has something for you. You can catch all the action of your favorite golfers, watch live games, and relive the classic moments. So, if you’re looking for a way to stay on top of all the latest golf news and events, sign up for Paramount Plus and start watching golf today.

Can I Access CBS Sports Network on Paramount Plus to Stream Live Sports with all access?

The CBS Sports App is a mobile application that gives users access to live streaming coverage of a wide variety of sporting events as well as breaking sports news. The app includes coverage of a variety of sports, such as football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer, and more. Users have the ability to watch live games and events, remain current on the most recent scores and news, and gain access to special video content. Additionally, the app provides customized notifications, ensuring that you will never miss an important play or game. 


Is there a CBS Live option in Paramount Plus?

The application also has a function known as “Live TV,” which enables users to view live broadcasts of sporting events and other events while they are on the move. You can maintain your connection to the sporting events that you follow and like no matter where you are by downloading the CBS Sports app.

If you want to watch live games, you can link the app to the streaming service by signing in with the login information for your Paramount Plus subscription. You will be able to utilize this in order to view live games that are provided by Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a streaming service that offers a wide variety of content including live sports, movies, and TV shows. In comparison to other TV streaming services, Paramount Plus offers a unique combination of original content, live sports and news, and a vast library of movies and TV shows.

Paramount Plus vs Netflix

One of the main competitors of Paramount Plus is Netflix, which has a large selection of movies and TV shows, but it doesn’t offer live sports streaming. Hulu, another competitor, also offers a large selection of movies and TV shows, and also offers live sports streaming through their Hulu + Live TV package.

Paramount Plus vs Disney+

Another streaming service that is a competitor of Paramount Plus is Disney+. The service has a focus on family-friendly content and their own original content, like the Star Wars and Marvel movies. However, it doesn’t have the same level of live sports streaming as Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus vs Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another streaming service that offers a wide variety of movies and TV shows and also has their own original content, but it doesn’t have live sports streaming as well.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Paramount Plus offers a unique combination of live sports streaming, original content, and a vast library of movies and TV shows, which sets it apart from other streaming services.

How do I cancel Paramount Plus Subscription?

Paramount Plus Subscription cancellation is quite easy to manage. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below to get it done.

  • Visit Paramount Plus Website
  • On their portal, top right corner you will be able to see your account
  • Click onto that Account Icon and below you will be able to see a Cancel Subscription option
  • Click onto that option and there you are! you will be refunded or removed from the subscribers list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Paramount Plus free with Amazon Prime?

The service is not one of the free ones, however there is a method to try it out without paying. To watch Paramount+ commercial-free, Amazon Prime members can upgrade to the Premium plan for $9.99 per month (after a free seven-day trial).

Will paramount plus have the super bowl?

If you’re searching for a simple and easy method to catch all the Super Bowl excitement, Paramount Plus is a wonderful choice.

How to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus in Canada?

Paramount Plus originally is an American Streaming Service. Although, they have their library open for Paramount Plus Canada. You can stream live sports in Canada on Paramount Plus with a VPN as well.

How to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus in South Africa?

South African fans need to tune into a VPN service like ExpressVPN to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus as they have no access and will be geo-restricted when trying to sneak into the service. With a VPN you can watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus South Africa.

Is Paramount Plus in Europe?

After a successful debut in France last week, Paramount Global has expanded the availability of its studio-backed streaming service, Paramount+, to 45 markets across the world with the launch of Paramount+ in German-speaking Europe on Thursday.

How do I get Paramount Plus for free?

You can get a free trial of Paramount Plus. You can test out the service risk-free for a week. Go to this page and select “Try It for Free” to begin your risk-free trial of Paramount Plus.

How to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus in Puerto Rico?

Paramount Plus Puerto Rico is going to be available with a VPN Service or a DNS if you have one. If not, then ExpressVPN will help you access the live sports area to stream sports live on Paramount Plus seamlessly.

How to Watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus in Australia?

Australian mates can watch Paramount Plus in Australia instantly by plugging themselves with ExpressVPN into their devices or on the go. Connect to a US server and watch live games instantly.

Wrapping It Up!

Paramount Plus is a home for all the fans to stream sports globally. Most of the fans use Paramount plus to watch NFL games as well as UEFA Champions League games as well. Additionally, Paramount Plus live sports program is loved b the fans because of their quality display and zero-buffering adds up more to the value. Moreover, to watch Live Sports on Paramount Plus you will be needing ExpressVPN to get started.

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