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Top athletes from all around the world compete in the FIFA World Cup in an effort to maintain their nation’s honor and win. Intense emotions, a huge amount of passion, and a lot of energy have frequently been seen during the biggest sporting event among the teams and fans. Since the tournament’s inception in 1930, outstanding goals have frequently been scored. But which Best World Cup goals rank among the best of all time? Over the course of its 21 iterations, the largest international soccer championship has generated a tonne of iconic goals.

The 22nd World Cup began on November 20, 2022, in Qatar, therefore it seems like the perfect time to analyze the best World Cup goals in history.

FIFA World Cup matches today:


The 10 Best World Cup Goals

Carlos Alberto (1970)


Brazil is regarded as one of the all-time elite football teams. They had the opportunity to show their talent, cooperation, and unity in one of the best 1970 goals. They did this after defeating Germany in the semifinals to face Italy in the final. The ball was received by Brazilian forward Tostao following an early Italian counterattack. He quickly swapped passes with three of his teammates before getting to Colorado, dashed past three Italian players on the right, and passed the ball to Rivelino. Jairzinho was the next player to strike the ball, and he immediately passed it to Pele. Brazil is regarded as one of the all-time greatest football teams. They had the opportunity to show their creativity, cooperation, and unity in one of the best 1970 goals.

In order to meet Italy in the final, they had to defeat Germany in the semifinals. Brazilian striker Tostao received the ball following an early Italian counterattack. With three of his teammates, he quickly exchanged passes before reaching Colorado. Before passing the ball to Rivelino, Clodoado dashed past three Italian players to the right. Jairzinho was the next player to make contact with the ball, and he immediately passed it to Pele. The ball was subsequently passed to Carlos Alberto by Pele, who put it in the Italian goal. During the buildup to this goal, each Brazilian player knew where the other was and what each other needed to do, which was stunning to watch for the crowd. Brazil jumped ahead with a performance of 4-1 goals to win the match and the championship. They have been crowned champions for the third time and also got the Jules Rimmet trophy.

Diego Maradona (1986)


One of the greatest players in the history of the game is Diego Maradona. Even though he stopped playing football decades ago, his name still reigns supreme and his style of play is recognized as revolutionary. He scores the goal that earns him a spot on the list during a game between a tenacious English team and Argentina. He scored the disputed “Hand of God” goal four minutes prior to the subject goal. In his own half, he received the ball and quickly ran past two English players.

He then performed an incredible turn into the English playing half. Despite Terry Butcher and Peter Shilton’s best attempts, the diminutive Argentinian man was simply difficult to stop. After that, the objective gained notoriety as one of the crucial objectives of the century. Only a select few players are capable of making such an impressive run past defenders at record-breaking speeds while still being able to score one of the most unbelievable goals. Without a question, Maradona was among the greatest players of all time and the best player of his generation.

Maxi Rodriguez (2006)


In the round of 16 of the 2006 World Cup, Argentina faced off against Mexico. Lionel Messi, one of the best players to ever play the game, set up the goal. He was given the ball and decided to send it inside while he was in the middle of the field. Juan Pablo Sorin received possession of the ball from Messi following a foot slip and poorly managed pass.

When Sorin threw the ball Rodriguez was ready. He calmed it down with his chest and sent it at the Argentine goal when it was well under control. For a brief moment, it appeared to be headed out, but it perfectly curled to strike the inside of the goal from the top corner. The football world still marvels at this goal since it is such a fantastic masterpiece.

Dennis Bergkamp (1998)


Argentina was a risky team in 1998 and could have easily won the World Cup. In the competition’s quarterfinals, Argentina played a formidable Holland team. After Patrick Kluivert’s initial goal was canceled out by Claudio Lopez’s goal, they were forced to play extra time as a result of the stalemate at the end of regular time.

Nobody was paying attention to David Bergkamp, who was hidden deep on the Argentinian side. Within his own half, Frank De Boer had control of the ball. Bergkamp was the target of his shot. Bergkamp used a superb touch to bring the ball down before slipping it past Roberto Ayala and past Carlos Roa, the Argentine goalkeeper.

James Rodriguez (2014)


James Rodriguez might not have had much of an impact on the 2018 World Cup because of an early-season injury. He excelled for Columbia in the 2014 World Cup, though. His most enduring goal was scored against Uruguay. He was waiting for the ball just outside the penalty area. A teammate who received it delivered a header in Rodriguez’s direction. His initial impact with the ball caused it to slow down and slightly turn, which improved his shot angle. He launched a powerful shot with his left foot that flew past numerous Uruguayan defenders and into the far right corner of the goal. In the round of 16, Uruguay has defeated 1-0 thanks to a goal in the 50th minute. In 2014, he was awarded the Puskas trophy once more.

Robin Van Persie (2014)


At the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the iconic Robin Van Persie header against Spain during the group stage. The Netherlands and Spain both came into the competition as champions from the previous year, with Spain narrowly defeating the Orange Brigade.

However, captain Van Persie’s precise and looping header from Daley Blind’s cross past Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the group stage match resulted in an equalizer against the defending champions. He earned the nickname “The Flying Dutchman” for his goal. Although Spain ultimately dropped the match, the goal turned out to be one of the most well-known in World Cup history.

Zinedine Zidane (2006)


Despite being a penalty shot, Zinedine Zidane’s goal in the 2006 World Cup final is remembered as a fantastic strike in one of the most memorable World Cup matches ever. It was in the 2006 FIFA World Cup final that Zidane played his last game as a professional athlete. Zidane performed as admirably as one would expect up until the last whistle, despite the infamous headbutt on Marco Materazzi. One of the most well-known World Cup goals of all time was his Panenka-style penalty in the early going that just missed the goal line. It required a lot of confidence because it was such a skilled performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo (2018)


The FIFA World Cup is the biggest football tournament. Cristiano Ronaldo is the ideal participant in a game known for its spectacular moments. The Portuguese superstar excels at maintaining composure and performing well under pressure. In terms of entertainment, Ronaldo did not let down on the first day of the 2018 World Cup. A spectacular freekick in the waning seconds of the match was among the competition’s most memorable moments. In addition to giving him a hat trick, his free kick in the 88th minute helped Portugal tie Spain.

Benjamin Pavard (2018)


Benjamin Pavard’s incredible volley served as the game-winning goal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The French right-shot back into the top of the box ignited the comeback in what was unquestionably the best game of the tournament. The result of France’s Round of 16 matches against Argentina was vital because France ultimately won the tournament. When Pavard made his official debut at the age of 22, Didier Deschamps was more inclined to start him. The right-back used incredible talent and power to score a goal that will go down in history.

Esteban Cambiasso (2006)


Another of the best team goals ever scored at the FIFA World Cup was scored by Esteban Cambiasso in 2006. Argentina’s goal against Serbia and Montenegro was a superb example of careful creative play and the skill to anticipate the right time to play the important last ball. An amazing one-two combination between Cambiasso and Hernan Crespo and a smooth backheel pass resulted in a great squad goal in Argentina’s 6-0 thrashing of the European nation.

Wrapping it up!

There have regularly been amazing goals scored. But which World Cup goals are considered among the best ever? The biggest international soccer competition has produced a tonne of legendary goals over the span of its 21 incarnations.

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