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Since the FIFA World Cup 2022 is rapidly approaching and if you enjoy learning more details, this guide to the Khalifa International Stadium has it all. Being at the stadium for a football game is fantastic, but knowing your seat may be just as superb.

The Al Thumama Stadium, however, is constructed in a manner that honors Arab culture. First and initially, it’s crucial to understand that Khalifa International Stadium is one of the nation’s oldest stadiums. Once the world’s best football tournament kicks off here, a lively environment, top-notch facilities, and seating configurations will be among the attractions.

FIFA World Cup matches today:


Khalifa International Stadium’s Popularity

The Khalifa Stadium has a long history and serves as an essential location for the Qatar World Cup, which is an interesting element. The stadium, built in Al Rayyan in 1976, has established itself as a pillar of Qatar’s sporting tradition by having previously hosted a number of important events. According to the locals, the stadium has significantly increased the public’s optimism for a bright athletic future for the nation.


The stadium has previously played a variety of amazing events, which elevates the venue’s importance.

  • The stadium has previously hosted the IAAF World Athletics Championships, the FIFA Club World Cup, and the Arabian Gulf Cup.
  • The most notable international friendly held there was the contest between Brazil and England.
  • The 2011 AFC Asian Cup final, in which Japan defeated Australia by a goal to zero in extra time, was held at the Khalifa International Stadium.
  • Surprisingly, the Emirate Cup final and a few FIFA Club World Cup matches it hosted later that month in May 2017 were the most important event in its history.


A social component at a stadium? Yes, you heard correctly. Just enough sustainability is practised at the Khalifa International Stadium. The stadium’s every component is made to have a minimal influence on the environment. In fact, the Global Sustainability Assessment Network has awarded the Khalifa International Stadium certification for its efforts to minimize environmental impact. Here are the key points about its sustainability.


Because visitors would get to the arena by bus or the local sports city metro station, the FIFA World Cup would have less carbon footprint. Due to its close vicinity, the stadium will have a significantly smaller impact on the environment because people won’t need to drive their cars there.

The stadium’s installation of energy-efficient lighting and bathroom fixtures, which will help to further minimize the environmental effects of the stadium, is one of the most crucial sustainability components.

The Architecture and Layout!

The stadium will host a variety of important matches at the next FIFA World Cup in the nation. During the competition, the Khalifa International stadium can accommodate 48,000 fans. even if it had 40,000 seats at first. In accordance with FIFA standards regarding the required minimum seating capacity, the decision to upgrade the seats was taken.


A massive canopy runs underneath the two twin towers that make up the Khalifa Stadium’s striking appearance. These canopies enhance the stadium’s visual appeal while boosting the stadium’s cooling systems. The structure of the stadium is new. The digital floodlights and LED pitch illumination add a completely new dimension to the venue. eventually drawing spectators from all over the world, both athletes and non-athletes.

 Khalifa International Stadium Games, and Tickets Prices


The first match between Iran and England begins on November 21 and tickets start at $400 USD.
The opening price for Canada vs. Croatia in Group F is $375.00 USD.
The first match in the round of 16 costs $475.00 USD.
Tickets for the third-place football world cup play-off start at $525.00 USD.

Khalifa International Stadium Nearby Hotels

Do you desire a location near the stadium? The hotels in Doha listed below are near to Khalifa Stadium.

  • Al Madina Suites Doha
  • Centara West Bay Hotel & Residences Doha
  • The Torch Doha
  • Warwick Doha
  • The Torch Doha

The Khalifa International Stadium’s Prospects for the future?

Every venue that hosts a match during the World Cup in Qatar will leave behind a lasting impression. On the other hand, the Khalifa Stadium would still be a popular destination in Doha even after the World Cup for obvious reasons. The stadium would contribute to an enduring legacy that would go beyond national boundaries. So, this is what the future of the arena may look like following the FIFA World Cup.

The National Vision 2030 of Qatar has placed a strong emphasis on fostering a healthy lifestyle and a sporting culture, which the Khalifa Stadium in Qatar will definitely achieve. The stadium is a component of the Aspire Zone Project and will aid in the achievement of the nation’s goal.

Aspire Academy, a cutting-edge education and training centre, would be located in the Aspire Zone. Athletes from all around the world would attend this. Additionally, it would be a big improvement in attracting future generations. The addition of facilities like the Hamad Aquatic Centre, Aspire Park, and particular women’s sports centres to the Aspire Zone after the World Cup will significantly improve the facilities.

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