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If you are trying to find a show that will hurt your stomach from laughing but also wants sentimental family values, then Amazon Freevee’s Primo is the show for you. This show illustrates the beautiful family bond, portrayed through the lens of Rafa Gonzales, who is trying to find himself in the world.

Tune in to discover how Rafa will discover the world with the help of his male role models.

What sets Primo apart from other shows?

The thing that puts Primo in another league from other shows is its remarkable ability to avoid the potentially uncomfortable territory of a male character striving desperately to please a love interest.

Moreover, the show accomplishes this by infusing Rafa’s actions with an endearing innocence, allowing us to witness his genuine desire to connect with Mya on a deeper level. In stark contrast to the hypersexualized depictions of high school life in shows like Riverdale or Friday Night Lights, Primo takes a refreshingly wholesome approach, painting a heartwarming coming-of-age tale.


The true magic of Primo lies in its ability to generate laughter through these lovable characters’ endearing quirks, contradictions, and bombastic antics. However, the show’s success extends beyond mere comedic relief.

It gracefully highlights the tender moments within the Gonzales family, revealing the depth of their connections and celebrating their unique bonds. Rather than reducing each family member to a mere archetype, Primo allows them to evolve into fully-fleshed individuals, capable of surprising us with their humanity.

Through its lighthearted yet meaningful exploration of Rafa’s coming-of-age journey and the diverse range of masculine identities within the Gonzales clan, Primo takes us on an entertaining and heartwarming adventure. It reminds us that family ties can be simultaneously hilarious and poignant and that within the tapestry of our loved ones, we can find both laughter and love.

The Show’s Premise

In the delightful comedy series Primo, we find ourselves immersed in the vibrant world of our main character, Rafa Gonzales (played by the talented Ignacio Diaz-Silverio), during his high school days. The central question that this show playfully poses is the kind of man Rafa will grow up to be. To unravel this intriguing dilemma, we follow Rafa’s journey as he navigates life amidst his unique family dynamics.


Raised by his devoted single mother, Drea (portrayed by the extraordinary Christina Vidal), and surrounded by five eccentric uncles, Rafa has no shortage of male role models. With their distinct personalities, these uncles form a tightly-knit and somewhat zany family unit. Each embodies a different perspective on masculinity, which adds spice to the story.

First, there’s Jay (played by the talented Jonathan Medina), the grumpy but responsible uncle. He’s the only one who has tied the knot and strongly believes in the virtues of hard work and providing for his loved ones. Though his voice may sound like gravel, Jay’s tender side often emerges when he’s overwhelmed by the depth of his love for his wife. Surprising as it may be, this stern figure is not afraid to shed a tear or two.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Mondo (expertly portrayed by Efrain Villa), a peace-loving free spirit who avoids conflict at all costs. Mondo’s unorthodox profession involves selling phallic statues at the local farmers market, and he’s always ready with a dose of new-age wisdom. His eccentricity brings a touch of whimsy to the family dynamic, challenging conventional notions of manhood.

As for the remaining three brothers, they find themselves somewhere in the middle, playfully embracing and subverting the stereotypes associated with their respective occupations. One is a banker, another a veteran, and the last a petty criminal. These uncles add flair to the mix, injecting humor, complexity, and a hint of mischief into the narrative.

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Primo” transports us to a pivotal stage in Rafa’s life, where he stands at the crossroads of adolescence and young adulthood. At 16, he yearns to impress the captivating Mya, a girl who has captured his heart. Rafa seeks guidance from different uncles in his zany family to navigate the complex terrain of wooing her, depending on the particular challenge he faces. Whether winning over Mya’s strict military father, securing access to an excellent set of wheels, or finding a way out of a sticky situation, Rafa seeks wisdom from his uncles like a skilled chameleon, adapting his approach to fit the circumstances.

But it’s not just Rafa who shines in this narrative; Mya emerges as a fully realized character in her own right. She is not reduced to a mere object of desire, but she is a multi-faceted individual with unique passions and quirks. As a military brat, Mya exudes an aura of wholesomeness and kindness, yet beneath her gentle exterior lies a surprising love for death metal. This complexity in her character adds depth and intrigue, allowing her to transcend the confines of a stereotypical love interest and become a captivating presence in her regard. In the world of “Primo,” both Rafa and Mya are given room to evolve and explore their identities, defying simplistic expectations and embracing the beautiful nuances of their shared journey

Is the show worth to be watched?


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Primo effortlessly captures the present’s essence while evoking a sense of nostalgic charm reminiscent of shows from bygone eras. What sets it apart is its ability to establish its unique identity right from the opening moments of the pilot episode without any wavering or tentative exploration. There are no training wheels to be found here; the show confidently embraces its distinct voice and vision from the beginning, eliminating any weak spots that may hinder its storytelling.

This remarkable trait allows “Primo” to avoid the pitfalls experienced by other shows, such as Hulu’s lamented Reboot, which grappled with multiple potential directions in its initial episodes before eventually finding its stride midway through its sole season.

While it’s regrettable that Reboot didn’t receive another season—because, let’s face it, it truly deserved one—it’s worth noting that Primo takes a different path. It refrains from indulging in self-conscious premises or attempts to embellish itself with looming tragedy or snide cleverness. Instead, it remains true to its essence—a heartwarming exploration of the dynamic between a teenager, his loving mother, and his eccentric assortment of uncles.

The heart of Primo lies in the complex tapestry of love and annoyance that weaves through the Gonzales family. The genuine affection they share for one another serves as a foundation for both the conflicts and the ensuing humor.

Within this delicate balance of emotions, the show finds its comedic gold, mining the inherent tensions and endearing idiosyncrasies that arise from the intricate bonds of family. In the world of Primo, we witness a tapestry of relationships that encapsulates the full spectrum of human emotions, reminding us of the beauty within family life’s intricate dynamics.


With its unapologetic focus on the joys and trials of everyday existence, Primo paints a portrait of relatable characters navigating the complexities of their relationships and finding humor in the most ordinary moments.

The show’s refusal to rely on gimmicks or sensationalized storylines is a testament to its commitment to authenticity, allowing it to resonate with audiences profoundly. It is a celebration of the ordinary, a homage to the power of familial love, and a testament to the profound depth found in the simplest of human connections.


This show represents the life of a sixteen-year-old who is coming of age and exploring the world with the help of his family. This creates a comical element for the audience because the family always tries to help him. However, the result is far from the expectations, so jump on the bandwagon and explore the adventure of Rafa Gonzales in Primo season 1.

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