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If you are a fan of British television and want to access BBC iPlayer’s famous shows like Peaky Blinders, Gentleman Jack, Doctor Who, Commonwealth Games 2022, AIG Women’s Open 2022, etc while staying in NZ. all you need to do is just subscribe to a VPN and unlock BBC iPlayer in NZ in just few steps

You only have to install the VPN on your router or other device, connect the VPN to any British server, create your account on BBC iPlayer, and enjoy all the famous movies, shows, documentaries and sports. If you are a fan of Rugby and FIFA, BBC iPlayer is all you need, you can enjoy free Rugby and FIFA matches on BBC iPlayer.

Here’s a quick summary of what you will read below:

How to get BBC iPlayer?

You can watch British TV shows in NZ by using any of the methods mentioned. 

  • VPN: A VPN will simply mask your real IP address and provide you with a new one, in this way BBC iPlayer will not know that you are accessing BBC iPlayer content from the US. 
  • Sky: You can watch BBC iPlayer content on Sky HD and Sky Q in NZ. The BBC iPlayer application is available on Sky Q. The Sky box starter package costs around $25.99 per month in NZ, if you already have a subscription of Sky, you can watch BBC iPlayer content with it. but it does not have all the content of BBC iPlayer.
  • BritBox: it is a digital video subscription service, founded by BBC Studios. You can watch BBC iPlayer shows in NZ if you have BriBox, but all the BBC iPlayer shows are not available on BritBox
  • Proxy: Proxy servers basically stop the internet traffic from traveling. But they are not safe. 
  • Acron TV: It is an American subscription video streaming service which offers television programming in NZ, you can watch some of the BBC iPlayer shows in NZ if you have Acron TV subscription.
  • SmartDNS: They only mask the Domain Name system and locations of the users, but SmartDNS are not that effective in unlocking many streaming platforms. 
  • Freeview: You can watch BBC content for free while residing in NZ with Freeview. you can get it by pushing the Freeview Play button or visiting channel 100 on an internet connected Freeview Play TV. and Freeview is free in NZ.

After analyzing all the above mentioned options we found VPNs to be the safest option. With a VPN you can change your complete IP address and you can enjoy content from anywhere. And VPNs are better because by using a VPN you will be able to unlock other OTTs as well. 

How To Watch BBC iPlayer NZ? Just a few steps

  1. Select a VPN service that is optimized for streaming. We recommend ExpressVPN OR PureVPN . It has multiple plans you can choose from .

  2. Download the VPN and connect to a UK server.

  3. Log in to BBC iPlayer.

  4. Find your favorite movie or show and stream it no matter where you are.

How Can I Sign up For BBC iPlayer NZ

The BBC iPlayer registration process is as simple as any other streaming service.

  1. Go to the website of BBC iPlayer, then click the Login button.
  2. Since you do not have an account, you must click the Register Now button below.
  3. Choose your age group.
  4. Tell BBC iPlayer your birth date.
  5. You have to grant an email address and also create a password for your account.
  6. When you have completed all the requirements, click the Register button, and then you will get a confirmation email.

The Best VPNs to Watch BBC iPlayer NZ



What are the price and plans for BBC iPlayer?

The Good news is BBC iPlayer is free for those residing in the UK. All you need is a Cable connection to watch BBC iPlayer content from the comfort of your home in the UK. 

But what to do if you reside outside the UK? Or How to pay for BBC iPlayer of You reside outside the UK?

The answer is very simple, all you need to do is connect to a reliable VPN app to watch BBC iPlayer NZ. 


How to watch BBC iPlayer without paying a single penny in NZ

Follow the simple steps below to watch BBC iPlayer without paying a single penny in NZ:

  • Get a VPN (We recommend ExpressVPN and PureVPN)
  • Connect to UK server
  • Click on register now
  • Fill in your credentials and select your gender
  • Now add a UK based postal code to your information (You can use “SW1W 0NY”)
  • Now it will ask about the TV license and you will see the following message on your screen “Got a TV License? You need one to watch any BBC programme on iPlayer
  • Select “I have a License” and it wont ask for further details. 
  • That is it, your BBC iPlayer account has been created now you can access BBC iPlayer content from the US

UK based Postal Codes to sign up for BBC iPlayer NZ

Here is a list of UK based postal codes to sign up for BBC iPlayer NZ:

States or TerritoriesPostal
WalesCF10 1AA
WalesCF10 1BA
WalesCF10 2WT
WalesCF10 3EQ
WalesCF10 4BX
EnglandBA21 5BT
EnglandBA21 5BZ
EnglandBA21 5BW
EnglandBA22 9RH
EnglandBA22 9SJ
ScotlandIV12 4AA
ScotlandIV12 4AB
ScotlandIV12 4AL
ScotlandIV12 4AF
ScotlandIV12 4AD

Which Devices are compatible with BBC iPlayer?

Here’s the list of devices that are compatible with BBC iPlayer :

Apple TV
Android TV
Fire TV

What to watch on BBC iPlayer?

TV ShowsDocumentariesFilmsHorror moviesComedy Programmes
LifeYour QueenThe IncrediblesI walked with a zombieGhost series
What We Do in The ShadowsRussia’s torture prisonLate NightNight of the living deadAm I Being unreasonable
The WatchPanoramaEighth GradeThe RelicHere we go
The Pursuit of LoveLion the rise and fall of the marsh prideThe Most Beautiful Boy in the WorldThe Fear of God: 25 Years of The ExorcistThe Outlaws
LutherThe Queen and UsThe Sisters BrothersWhat we do in the shadowsBetter Things series 1-5
The TerrorFrozen PlanetThe Bling RingThe BabadookMum

Which Dramas are available on BBC iplayer in 4K HDR Quality

Currently you can watch the following Dramas in 4K quality on BBC iPlayer:

Nature shows and Documentaries available on BBC iplayer in 4K HDR Quality

Which sports can I watch on BBC iPlayer

Following are the sports which you can enjoy on BBC iPlayer:

What’s new on BBC iPlayer in October 2022

1st October

  • Reel Stories (Music)
  • Later…the Jools Holland (Music)
  • Robbie Williams: One Night at the Palladium (Music)
  • TOTP2 (Music)

2nd October

  • The Last Right
  • The Ipcress File
  • The Ranganation Season 5
  • Zen Motoring

3rd October

  • We are England
  • Panorama
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • Moonlight
  • Sensationalists: The Bad Girls and boys of british arts series
  • Crimewatch Live Season 16
  • London Kills
  • Stitch, please!
  • Hot Cakes

4th October

  • The Color Purple
  • Leigh Anne: Race, Pop and Power

BBC iPlayer Alternatives

For your ease in choosing among the OTTs, we have compared BBC iPlayer with some OTTs for you to decide which OTT to buy.

Netflix vs BBC iPlayer

All the content from BBC iPlayer can be downloaded on any of its supported devices
It has same library, all you need to do is just connect a VPN
It is free

Netflix also allows downloads but on a limited number of devices.
It has separate library for each regions
It costs around $9.99 a month

TVNZ vs BBC iPlayer 

Works with multiple devices 
Allows account sharing
No such connectivity issues
It has its original content

Works with just one device 
Can’t be shared with other
Sometimes users face connectivity issues
It has content from different channels

BBC iPlayer vs Amazon Prime 

BBC iPlayer is free
BBC iPlayer has a lot of original shows and documentaries.
BBC iPlayer is completely free

Amazon Prime basic plan is 13 USD a month.
Amazon Prime also has a huge library.
It offers 7 days free trial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch the BBC iPlayer abroad?

Yes, you can watch BBC iPlayer abroad. All you have to do is download and install the VPN on your router or computer. PureVPN is recommended because it is reliable and does not slow down your internet connection. 

How much does it cost to use BBC iPlayer?

It costs nothing to watch BBC iPlayer, if you are a UK resident it is free for you, but if you reside outside the UK, you will need to pay for a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer.

Is it illegal to watch BBC iPlayer using VPN?

No, it’s not illegal to watch BBC iPlayer using a VPN. However, using a VPN violates the BBC iPlayer Terms of Service. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s illegal. The worst thing that can happen is that the BBC will ban your account if you get caught using a VPN.

How do I create a BBC iPlayer account outside the UK?

Creating an account outside the UK is not complicated at.

Is BBC iPlayer free?

Yes, BBC iPlayer is a free streaming service only available to residents in the UK

Why do you require a VPN to watch BBC iPlayer?

Only United Kingdom residents can watch BBC iPlayer. It means that you can only watch it as long as you have an IP address of the UK. Hence, if you live outside England, BBC iPlayer content will not be available to you.
For example, if you visit BBC iPlayer NZ and click on the title, this message will appear at the top of your screen:
BBC iPlayer only works in the UK. Sorry, it’s due to rights issues
Fortunately, there is a way to solve this issue. A VPN is all you need, what a VPN does? 
The VPN has the ability to alternate your IP address to a UK IP address and the BBC iPlayer will consider you a UK resident.

Does BBC iPlayer require TV License?

It is true that whenever you will create a BBC iPlayer account it will ask for a TV license and show the following message on your screen: “Got a License” “you need one to watch any BBC iPlayer live catch up or on demand. its the law”. But if you don’t have a TV license and you reside outside the UK, all you need to do is simply click on “I have a TV License” BBC iPlayer won’t ask for any further details and your account will be easily created.

How to select the best BBC iPlayer VPN

-Should be Safe for the user
-Should have maximum Streaming optimized servers in the United Kingdom
-It should be able to unlock BBC iPlayer as well as other streaming platforms like Disney Plus, Hulu and HBOmax etc.
-Should provide live chat support 
-Allows you to stream BBC iPayer on Roku, Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Gaming Console

Why can’t I access BBC iPlayer NZ via VPN?

You may encounter an error message often even while using a VPN. If you are already using a VPN and cannot watch BBC iPlayer NZ, you may need a better streaming VPN provider, such as PureVPN, for example.

There are some common problems that people encounter. First and foremost, if you receive an error message telling you that BBC iPlayer only works in the UK, it means that your VPN is not working, and you are still connected to a server in NZ. To fix this issue, check if your VPN is working. If so, it means you need a more reliable VPN.

Which OTT to buy in the month of October?

Mentioned below is a comparison of streaming websites according to their most hyped shows in the month of October. Streaming websites mentioned with ‘⬆️’ means these are better to purchase than the streaming websites marked with ‘⬇️’  
⬆️ BBC iPlayer
⬇️ HBO Max
⬇️ Netflix
⬆️ Peacock TV
Now you must be confused why we recommended Peacock TV and BBC iPlayer, the reason behind is, if you are on a budget, which most of us are usually on, you can get a VPN subscription and watch Peacock TV and BBC iPlayer content for free. 
With the rest of the streaming services you will need to pay more to buy their subscription, but if you choose to save some money, you can always use BBC iPlayer and Peacock TV from the list

What errors can I find while watching BBC iPlayer with a VPN?

-BBC blacklisted the servers used by your VPN
-The GPS location of your device and the IP address are not the same
-BBC iPlayer upgraded its geo-blocking protocols
-Your actual IP address is leaking
-You need to clear cookies
-The VPN you’re using is not capable of unblocking BBC iPlayer

Which BBC channels can I watch with BBC iPlayer?

BBC Four
BBC News
BBC Three
BBC Scotland
BBC Parliament
BBC Alba
Radio 1

Wrapping UP!

So the above mentioned VPNs will allow you to watch BBC iPlayer NZ. We recommend using a PureVPN or ExpressVPN if you want an all-around solution that will allow you to access other region-locked material while also keeping you secure.

These VPN options provide you with several advantages, the most essential of which is a safe surfing experience. It offers unparalleled internet security, protecting your actual identity and data from trackers, marketing agencies, fraudsters, and surveillance groups.

Bernard Bond

Bernard Bond is a leading expert in celebrity journalism and a television critic.