How To Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand – Complete Guide [October 2022 Updated]

If you intend to watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand, the easiest way to find it is using a VPN.

Some of the trending games on the BBC Player’s app include Fleabag, Killing Eve, and Our Girl, highlighting a new girl assigned to a team operating in Afghanistan. Plus, it’s a place that won’t let you miss even a single highlight of your favorite shows.

If you are looking for a simple guide to learn how to get BBC iPlayer in NZ you have come to the right place. Regarding the presence of BBC Player in the Kiwi area, there is no other version of New Zealand.

To unlock it, you will need to rely on a reliable VPN service. There are hundreds of VPNs that can help you find BBC Player which is also a great platform to broadcast Peaky Blinders Season 6 in New Zealand.

But the best VPN for BBC iPlayer in our view is Pure Vpn which costs just NZD 9.60 / mo.

BBC iPlayer is the official online, radio, and TV broadcasting option of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and is one of the most popular broadcasting services in Western Europe.

It covers everything because it loads all the programs broadcast on BBC network channels like BBC One and BBC Two. Available on a large number of devices, such as mobile tablets, phones, Android TV, and personal computers.

Content varies widely within the arena, including categories such as news, sports (for example the Tokyo Olympics 2021), occupational health, tourism, the future, culture, music, and climate.

Some of the trending games on the BBC Player’s app include Fleabag, Killing Eve, and Our Girl, highlighting a new girl assigned to a team operating in Afghanistan. What’s more, it’s a place that won’t let you miss even one of the highlights from major football tournaments like the UEFA Euro Cup 2021.

Its most prominent feature is that it is completely FREE. But the immediate drawback is that the service is only available to those living in the United Kingdom. In addition, you will have to pay a UKTV license fee of £ 157.50 per year (298.83 NZD) to continue using this live streaming platform in the UK.


How to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand for free

The Best VPNs to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand

There are many VPNs on the market and many of them promise to unblock BBC iplayer but not all of them work. It’s important to choose a provider with reliable connections and fast speeds because streaming in HD requires lots of bandwidth. Of the tried and tested VPNs, we have come up with the two most reliable VPNs available in the market.

The key features we looked for in a VPN for American TV:

  • Large server network with servers in America
  • Fast connections for smooth HD streaming
  • Strong encryption and privacy features to protect your data
  • User-friendly apps for all devices

How to Watch BBC iPlayer in New Zealand via PureVPN

Within 3 minutes, you can simply establish a BBC account. The approach works in any nation where BBC iPlayer is not available, including the United States, Spain, Germany, and France. For access to the BBC iPlayer sign-up page, make sure that your VPN is activated. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Sign up for PureVPN
  • Choose and connect to a secure VPN location in the UK
  • Visit BBC iPlayer online to securely stream live and on-demand TV

In our testing, ExpressVPN performed spectacularly. We mainly focus on their streaming ability and to our surprise they have surpassed all other VPN providers when it comes to speed, which is a big plus.

You will experience no noticeable drop in speed, which is quite common when you connect to a VPN. However, ExpressVPN provides seamless streaming and that too with a wide range of options (Netflix, HBOMax, Hulu, Disney+, Hotstar, Paramount+, Peacock, BBCiPlayer and many other streaming and sports channels). Buying ExpressVPN not only brings you peace of mind, but also unblocks thousands of streaming platforms and channels from around the world.


  • Fastest VPN, with the most premium features among all VPN services
  • Seamless streaming on Servus TV, ESPN, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Paramount+, Peacock, Disney+, Hotstar and thousands of other streaming and sports channels.
  • Solid back-end infrastructure and Zero Logs.
  • Always-available customer support.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Torrenting with no bandwidth caps.
  • Supported devices include Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Linux, Firestick, Kodi


  • A bit expensive than other VPN services
  • Their browser extension is slightly slower

The other factor that gives them a leg up is their security infrastructure and zero-log policy that makes your online activity completely invisible or untraceable on the internet.

We also noticed that ExpressVPN’s smart DNS feature lets you untap exotic locations to stream content, which is otherwise impossible. Then there the whole world of torrenting that opens up, that too without leaving a trace. This is great for those who love binging on shows.

Exclusive deal: Get 3 extra months free when you sign up for a 12-month plan. That's a saving of 49%!

In our testing, PureVPN turned out to be the best VPN for streaming movies, shows and sports on platforms like Servus TV, ESPN, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, BBC iPlayer, Prime Video, and Showtime. It also gave us access to all the Netflix libraries we tried to access, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, and Japan. We recommend it for its impressive speed and reliable connection.

6 Easy Steps To Watch BBC iPlayer In New Zealand

Here’s how to watch BBC Player in New Zealand in just 5 minutes.

Step 1- Sign up for an Pure Vpn account. We recommend that you have 12+ months and a 3 month free plan.

Step 2- Decide which plan is best for you (12+ months and 3 months plan is usually the least expensive option).

Step 3- You will have already downloaded the VPN software to your PC, android, or iOS device, or MAC or you can also install the chrome extension.

Step 4- Sign in to your Pure Vpn account for your new information.

Step 5- Navigate and select VPN server from United Kingdom. In this way, a VPN changes the IP addresses to hide your current location.

Step 6- After getting UK IP address, go to the BBC iPlayer website. From here, select the “sign in” option at the top left of the page, and then click the “sign up now” option.

Now, you can start your BBC iPlayer viewing experience!

What is a VPN? How Will It Allow You to Watch BBC iPlayer?

The virtual private network (VPN) surveys the Internet with the help of an external ISP, such as the one to the United Kingdom. In this program, you are encrypting your browsing information so that your regional ISP does not know you are using an off-site website.

It also protects you from hackers and other online thieves. This solution gives you the ability to access the BBC iPlayer website.

Pure Vpn is a complete service to help you access the international internet safely and cost-effectively. The company has developed a trust system with a fast and reliable connection.

Pure Vpn hosts more than 3000 servers in 94 countries around the world, so you can create a UK ISP to watch the player overseas.

BBC iPlayer supporting Operating Systems or  Devices 

Now that you know how to watch BBC iPlayer in NZ, let’s take a look at devices that work well with BBC iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer is compatible with the following applications and devices:

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
  • Xbox 360

Top Movies to Watch on BBC Player in New Zealand

As a fan of BBC Player NZ, you can watch some of New Zealand’s most popular TV shows including:

  • Peaky Blinders
  • Killing Eve
  • Doctor Who
  • Superman & Lois
  • Spider-Man: Homecoming
  • Shrek 2
  • His Dark Materials
  • The Girl Before

Top Movies to Watch on BBC Player New Zealand

Here are some of the top movies available on the BBC The Player can now enjoy in New Zealand:

  • Stan & Ollie
  • Small Ax
  • The Eichmann Show
  • Effie Gray (2014)
  • The Mother
  • Bill
  • Happy New Year, Colin Burstead
  • Perfect 10

BBC iPlayer in NZ: Frequently Asked Questions

How can I watch BBC Player abroad?

The BBC Player is restricted to UK residents only due to a rights agreement with a UK TV license.
Services such as the BBC Podcast, Sports, Audio, and News will still be available to UK people planning their overseas tour when downloading programs on their devices. To enjoy watching BBC iPlayer, British TV will still need a VPN service and connect to a UK server.

How do I get BBC Player outside the UK?

The best way to get BBC iPlayer outside the UK via VPN.
• Select from our list of VPN New Zealand (We recommend using Pure Vpn)
• Download Pure Vpn for your device
• Start Installation
• Enter a username and password
• Connect to UK server 6. Once connected, you will be able to use BBC iPlayer in any country.

How to Watch BBC Player in New Zealand for free

You can stream BBC iPlayer for free using a free VPN service such as Windscribe or TunnelBear. However, you may want to use a paid VPN if you do not want to run out of bandwidth.

What is a free VPN that works with BBC iPlayer?

There are a few VPN services like Windscript and Speedify that allow you to access BBC iPlayer from anywhere. However, you will have to deal with the bandwidth problem.
This is because both services provide 10 GB and 2 GB of data per month to their users respectively. It means you will be able to watch a few episodes of a particular TV game with SD quality.

Is BBC iPlayer free to use?

Yes, you can sign up for BBC iPlayer at no cost. However, you will have to pay £ 157.50 a year to get a TV license. By doing so, you can access it in the UK without suffering.

How much data does BBC iPlayer use?

BBC iPlayer consumes much more data. The service may use up to 50 MB and 350 MB of data per hour depending on your internet connection speed.

Is it legal to access BBC iPlayer via VPN?

Yes, using a VPN to access BBC iPlayer from abroad is completely legal. If you do not use a VPN you will not be able to turn on this streaming service outside of the UK.

Can I watch BBC Player in New Zealand?

Yes, you can enjoy BBC Player in New Zealand, however, you should use a VPN that provides UK IP addresses. In the next step, make sure the server is compatible with your required streaming platform.

How do I get BBC iPlayer on my smart TV?

You can watch BBC iPlayer on smart TVs by attaching a small PC box to your TV via a reliable VPN connection. You can connect it to your TV in three ways:
1. With HDMI cable.
2. With AV cable (RCA tulips).
3. With Adapter Converter HDMI.

Conclusion: Your Work Is Safe And Secure

After completing the process of connecting to the BBC iPlayer app via your VPN, your information will not be shared with the BBC or your regular internet service provider. As a follower of the BBC’s Player NZ, you should be able to watch New Zealand without suffering by following the steps outlined above.

So I hope you now know how to watch the BBC in NZ. Pure Vpn allows your encrypted data to be hidden from other online hackers. Combined with a strong global server system, you will be supported by a fast and reliable connection for just $ 6.67 a month (12.66 NZD)