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Real Murders of Atlanta, Season 1

As soon as a computer entrepreneur is discovered bludgeoned to death in his opulent Roswell bedroom, cops create a large list of probable suspects. Ultimately, the investigation narrows down to one angry lover who wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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Snapped Killer Couples, Seasons 12-15

The story revolves around two people whose desire pushes them to perform heinous crimes. Each episode delves into the history behind the couples’ courtship, how their relationship progressed after love turned into manipulation, and what eventually pushed them to do the crime. Reenactments and riveting eyewitness testimonies are used to tell tales.

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The Big Break, Season 6

The second season of Golf Channel’s Big Break will take place in Palm Beach, Florida, where twelve players will fight for a chance to participate in the PGA TOUR. In collaboration with Melanie Collins and Tom Abbott

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Killing It

An investigation by the police, the narrative of a bereaved family, and a mayoral race in Seattle are all intertwined when the death of 17-year-old Rosie Larsen is discovered within the trunk of a submerged vehicle.

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