What happened to HBO Max original movies that disappeared?


While HBO Max’s loss of the Harry Potter films makes sense, the current situation does not. In what appears to be an effort to minimize expenses, Warner Bros. Discovery has been discreetly deleting material from HBO Max, including some Warner Bros. movies that were available exclusively on the platform.

At least six Warner Bros. films have been taken off HBO Max in over the last few weeks including Moonshot, Superintelligence, The Witches, An American Pickle, Locked Down, and Charm City Kings.

While we’re here to discuss the six movies, HBO Max may be on its way out, as Discovery Plus is rumored to take over.


Movies come and go from streaming platforms on a regular basis. This, however, is distinct for two reasons. First and foremost, these were HBO Max blockbusters. Second, their withdrawal was not included in the most recent monthly lists of Titles exiting HBO Max.

This follows the removal of TV shows from HBO Max. In July, viewers noted that content from TNT and TBS – networks owned by HBO Max parent company Warner Bros. Discovery — had disappeared from HBO Max as well, including Snowpiercer, The Last O.G., and Chad.

Batgirl, a $90 million movie directed by Warner Bros., was set to premiere on streaming platform. Then, apparently out of nowhere, Warner Bros. Discovery cancelled the movie. Leslie Grace featured as Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), J.K Simmons as Commissioner Gordon, and Brendan Fraser as the villainous Firefly in the film, which was last seen in post-production. Michael Keaton was also supposed to play Batman.


Variety reported that Warner Bros. Discovery decided to cancel Batgirl in order to gain a tax write-off. If this is accurate, it means producers won’t be able to release the picture on any service where they can generate money. A Scoob! sequel has also been ruled out.

According to YouTuber Grace Randolph, the streaming service may be acquired by Discovery Plus as a ‘HBO’ tab in that subscription. HBO Max shows would thereafter be terminated or rebranded as ‘HBO series.’ At this point, it is only a rumor, but it has sparked everyone’s curiosity.