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The lead actor of The Winchesters, Drake Rodger isn’t taking the role of Dean and Sam’s future father, John Winchester, casually.

The Winchesters is a Supernatural spinoff that will transport viewers to 1972, when John and Mary first met after the latter returned from the Vietnam War. Mary is hunting for her missing father when she comes upon an endangered John. As she saves him from a demon, the two are thrust into an unlikely, elevated monster-hunting quest.

Rodger studied his characters’ prior portrayers as he prepared to take on the legendary roles, and he says he takes his role extremely seriously.


“It’s an honor. It also comes with its territory. We’ve got to take it real serious. We owe a lot to the fans, so we’ve got to be there and we’ve got to represent.”

Drake Rodger, who was a huge fan of the original series, found inspiration in Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s adult John. “He’s like the portrait. That’s where we end. Like, I get to paint. He definitely laid out the path for me.”

The Winchesters sparked outrage when it was originally revealed, with Jared Padelecki accusing Jensen Ackles of keeping him in the dark about the prequel television series. However, the actors quickly reconciled, and Padelecki has subsequently expressed his support for the project.

The release date for The Winchesters is yet to be announced.

Maryam Ahtesham

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