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The Walking Dead series finale is drawing near, and producer Scott Gimple assures fans that it will conclude the plot, despite the show’s several impending spinoffs.

Even though the cast has changed frequently since the show’s debut in 2010, its popularity has stayed reasonably stable. While fans may be disappointed to see the zombie thriller come to an end, there will be a slew of spinoffs to carry the series forward once the show concludes. It was announced numerous projects are in production for 2023.

The busy schedule of spinoffs may give the impression that AMC is unwilling to appropriately end the show, but executive producer Gimple promises viewers that it is not the case.


“The finale is about completing The Walking Dead story, not setting up spinoffs. There’s room for those spinoffs, but full-on, The Walking Dead finale concludes the story of this 11 years. We didn’t want the spinoffs to get in the way of that satisfaction. They live together, I think, very nicely.”

The show will have aired 177 episodes by the time it wraps in November. Such outstanding performance is made even more astounding by the show’s ability to consistently get excellent reviews despite declining ratings.


Even if the series is no more the most popular on television, the script has retained the mystery, excitement, and tension that kept people interested. As a result, it appears equally essential for the final season to conclude the show properly. A disappointing finale would be a major letdown, especially for a show that has been running for so long.

The last eight episodes will air on AMC on October 2.

Maryam Ahtesham

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