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Joey King, the lead actress in The Princess, revealed in an interview that she executed the most of the combat sequences and stunts herself, and she also discusses creating her fighting technique from the ground up.

Joey King is no damsel in distress waiting to be rescued, in the upcoming Hulu film The Princess. It is evident that she is not portraying your conventional crown princess. She takes matters into her own hands and is prepared to take a stand and fight. 

King highlights how the film nudges her character into the midst of the action right away, without giving her even a chance to recover her breath.


“This was quite the undertaking. I had never done anything like it. I had no fight training prior to this, and so I really jumped in headfirst. I had some amazing trainers. I started training in LA, and then I switched to training in Bulgaria with the whole Bulgarian stunt team.”

She expressed gratitude for the people who helped her throughout the filming and she was glad to admit that she was able to perform eighty-five percent to ninety percent of what the viewers will see onscreen.

“It was just so wonderful to work with people that made me feel so uplifted. Because I knew, going into this, that I wanted to get to a place where I was able to do most of the stunts and the fight scenes myself. Because it just makes it more authentic. It adds your own style; your own personality to it. And I was playing the Princess after all, so I wanted to be able to inhabit her and really put in that hard work.”


King also discussed her collaborative relationship with co-star Veronica Ngô, admitting she appreciated her fighting style and encouraged her to believe she was competent enough for stunts.

“She was so helpful, and she was she was surprisingly impressed with my fighting. I was so happy about that. We had such a good time, because we got to train together, we got to film together and create this bond.”

The Princess premiers on July 1 on Hulu.

Maryam Ahtesham

Maryam Ahtasham is a News Editor for Streaming Digitally. She is a journalist by daytime and a poet by night. She also contributes on ScreenNearYou and WatchinUK. Achievements: Organic mention from editors of NewYork Times and Forbes