‘The Masked Singer’ returns! But who is the Hedgehog?


The Masked Singer is back with a new season full of twists and turns!

The concept is unlike anything the show has done previously, and the costumes are out of this world. The Hedgehog is one of these masked performers, a likeable figure who will face an uphill struggle against the Harp to survive the season opener.

Who may be the star hiding behind the mask?


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On Instagram, The Masked Singer revealed one clue about the Hedgehog. An x-ray of his outfit revealed a carrot as the clue. Aside than that, we haven’t gotten any hints. Hedgehog’s outfit also makes it difficult to discern if the person beneath is tall, slender, short, overweight, or somewhere in between.

Since there are no hints for the Hedgehog, all predictions are essentially a leap in the shadows. So far, predictions have included Guy Fieri, Darren Criss, Haley Joel Osment, James Corden, James Marsden, and Carrot Top. But, given that Carrot Top was shown in the season teaser and the hint was a carrot, we can certainly rule him out. With only one hint to their identity, it’s too early to identify who the Hedgehog is.

The Masked Singer premiers on 21st September on Hulu.

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