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Joe and Anthony Russo have teamed up again with their star actor, Chris Evans for The Gray Man, a new action thriller on Netflix, but this time Evans is not the hero.

Ryan Gosling portrays the eponymous character, while Evans plays Lloyd Hanson, an extreme psychopath hell-bent on killing the Gray Man. Chris Evan’s fans may be surprised to see the Russo Brothers transform him into a viciously cruel villain for their upcoming film. Lloyd resembles his Knives Out antagonist far more than Steve Rogers, the most honorable hero in MCU. However as per the Russo Brothers, it was Chris Evans who encouraged them to attempt something new. He desired to take more chances.

While speaking to Den of Geek, Joe Russo explained,

We didn’t have to sell Chris on the role; Chris sold us, in a way. We were talking to him as we were wrapping up Infinity War and then Avengers: Endgame about what’s next for him or where he wanted to go in his career, and he said, ‘You know what? I’m comfortable enough in my life and the work I’ve done that I’m just interested in taking risks moving forward, and I just want to play challenging characters.’ So it seemed obvious to us that the right move here would be to offer Chris the sociopath and not the hero.

If The Gray Man has a hero, it’s Ryan Gosling’s severely damaged and solitary protagonist, an assassin who leaves a trail of bodies in his aftermath. The Russo Brothers think is the ideal choice to play Mark Greaney’s adored role.


Anthony Russo says,

We knew we needed somebody who knew how to disappear on some level. Gosling has such an interesting technique to him in that he has a minimalist style where he conveys a whole lot of emotion, thought, and complexity, with a lot of subtlety.

The duo has ended up making one of the Netflix’s most costly projects to date, as well as the Russo’s first major extravaganza without a Hulk or a star-spangled shield in sight. However, the brothers claim that it was their Marvel experiences that enabled them to create The Gray Man.

Are you excited to witness Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans brawl in The Gray Man?

The Gray Man premiers on Netflix on July 22nd.

Bernard Bond

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