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Matt Reeves, the director of The Batman, has unveiled and explained a five minute deleted scene in which Robert Pattinson‘s Batman faces off against Barry Keoghan‘s Joker.

The scene depicts the Dark Knight detective questioning the Joker in order to identify the Riddler, who vanishes off after murdering Gotham city police commissioner. Although the Arkham prisoner is never completely shown, the dyed green hair is covered by camera angles. The deleted sequence teases Reeves’ reimagined Joker, played by Keoghan. Michael Marino’s makeup touches won’t go unnoticed in the scene. Reeves explained the scene while talking to Variety.

I thought he would be really insecure about this and he’d probably want to find some way to get into the [Riddler’s] mindset, like in ‘Manhunter’ or ‘Mindhunter’ — this idea of profiling somebody, so you can predict his next move.

In the scene, Joker teases Batman with his cryptic demeanor and confronts him with an uncomfortable fact that there is a part of him that adheres with Riddler’s desire to destroy corrupt Gotham officials.

Reeves revealed that his inspiration came around with, “Joker who’s not yet the Joker.”

He’s held in this very suspenseful way, away from you visually. But I wanted to create an iteration of him that felt distinctive and new, but went right back to the roots. So he’s very much out of the Conrad Veidt mold and that idea of the silent film of The Man Who Laughs.

He further says that,

Life has been a cruel joke on him. And this is his response, and he’s eventually going to declare himself as a clown, declare himself as the Joker. That was the idea.

The Batman is officially in theaters, and DC Comics fans all around the world are ecstatic with the film, including the deleted scene.

Bernard Bond

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