Suran Will Be Featured on Soundtrack For Disney+ Series


Suran, a Korean singer, will be featured on the soundtrack for the Disney+ romantic series Kiss Sixth Sense, the streaming service announced on Wednesday.

The song is called Fantasy, and a short version of it was initially played in the series’ opening scene. Yuju, a K-pop soloist and former GFRIEND member, will also be featured on the soundtrack with the original song called You’re Like An Americano. 

An innocuous peck on the cheek is all that is required to awaken someone’s sixth sense; a cursed look into the recipient’s destiny. Disney+ new Korean show, Kiss Sixth Sense, is based on a novel of the same name, and is a romantic comedy starring Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-hye. Yoon portrays Min-hoo, a guy whose five senses are extremely strong, and Seo plays Ye-sool, a lady who can see the future when she kisses someone.


Suran made her debut in 2014 with her single I Feel, and she is well known for her songs If I Get Drunk Today, 1+1=0 starring singer Dean, Love Story featuring singer Crush, and Hide and Seek featuring singer Heize.

Kiss Sixth Sense has taken the fans by stormed either because of its incredible OST or the chemistry between the leads. Seo and Yoon are exceptional in their portrayals of the characters. However, Disney+’s efforts to get through the K-drama industry have mainly failed, Kiss Sixth Sense is gearing up to be its most intriguing yet, although if it lives up to or throws away this promise remains to be seen.

Every Wednesday, new episodes of Kiss Sixth Sense are available to view on Disney+.