Steven Yeun not interested in returning to ‘The Walking Dead’


Steven Yeun, who played Glenn Rhee in the first six seasons of the AMC zombie series, has ruled out on returning to The Walking Dead.

Glenn, just like the comic book version, became a victim of Negan, being slain by the character’s merciless baseball bat in the show’s Season 7 opener. Unlike Abraham Ford, who returned in a dreamlike scene later that season, Glenn has yet to reappear on the series in a flashback sequence or cameo from beyond the dead.

Yeun, on the other hand, ruled it out. He spoke on Conan Needs a Friend to promote his new film Nope and told the story of how he met two fans who wanted to see him back in the zombie horror series.


“Sometimes, you just accept what it is and you go with it. There’s no tension behind it. You’re like, ‘OK.’ I’m not gonna go kicking and screaming. The police voice in my head said, ‘If you do it again, you’re a hack,’ So, I don’t do it again. I cringe [at the thought].”

Steven Yeun expressed gratitude for Glenn’s eventual death, “Those are the blessings I think I’ve got in my life. An absolute door shut. There’s not like a crack in the door. It is slammed shut, and barricaded.”

Tales of the Walking Dead, an episodic anthology series focusing on new and existing characters in the zombie apocalypse — including some who have previously died — will premiere on AMC soon.