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In the second season of The Mandalorian, the character infamously known as “Baby Yoda” was finally given a name. However, it has been taking the Star Wars fandom quite some time to accept the character’s name.

The adorable Baby Yoda has some stunning similarities in appearance with the legendary Jedi Master, Yoda. Grogu was often called The Child or the 50-yead-old Asset. Although, it is important to know that this adorable child is not a version of Yoda in any way. Despite his uncanny resemblance, the only thing our little Grogu shares with Master Yoda is his species.

Apart from that, there is nothing that can make him identify as Yoda. In fact, The Mandalorian’s timeline is enough to tell us that there is no connection between the two characters. It is set 10 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, where one scene that no one in the Star Wars universe could miss. Yoda’s demise. It was enough to set the distinction between the two characters.

Even though the name Baby Yoda has quite some ring to it, the time to finally address Grogu by his real name is here. Leaving Grogu’s moniker in the past is not an easy task within the Star Wars universe. Even the creator of The Mandalorian discussed how he cannot let go of Grogu’s nickname, Baby Yoda on the set.

Jon Favreau opened up about the matter on Good Morning America with the words:

“I had written [Grogu] in the script from very early on, and we finally revealed it in the show. But of course, everybody knows Grogu as Baby Yoda. Which, by the way, is fine with all of us. We still call him Baby Yoda too, but he prefers to be called Grogu if you notice in the show. He perks up a lot when you say his name.”

Jon Favreau

Without further ado, let’s discuss some reasons why people should stop calling Grogu, Baby Yoda.


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Grogu and Din Djarin’s Father-son Relationship

Din Djarin – a.k.a Mando – set to deliver the 50-year old Asset to a client in return for a card. And he lives up to his name as an unsurmountable bounty hunter and completes his mission. However, the protagonist realizes that his fate has other plans for him.

In The Mandalorian Season 1, one thing that touched the hearts of the Star Wars fandom was how Djarin turns soft for our little Grogu. He resets his priorities and makes his way to save him. After that, the two characters become inseparable, more like Grogu fills Djarin’s life as a missing puzzle piece.

And it’s finally time that everybody (in or out of the Star Wars fandom) should understand how our anti-hero Mando feels about Grogu. It would be an understatement to say that Mando would kill for Grogu. I believe that the proper way to put their relationship into a phrase is with the words “Mando would give up his life for Grogu.”

Trust me, I am not exaggerating here, not even a little bit!

In fact, our favorite bounty hunter risked his life on one occasion for Grogu. Despite taking the Mandalorian oath as a child, Din Djarin did not refuse when Grogu insisted to see his face one time before being handed to Luke Skywalker.

Even knowing the consequences, when Grogu touched his helmet to see what his protector looks like, Din Djarin did not refuse. He took off his helmet to reveal his identity and it left all fans in the Star Wars universe balling their eyes with awe.

This scene in The Mandalorian Season 2 marks Djarin and Grogu’s relationship as a father-son duo, ready to give up anything for the other, at all times!

Baby Yoda

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Baby Yoda: Din Djarin’s Worst Nightmare

With a relationship as strong as theirs, imagine making the mistake of calling Grogu by his many monikers like Baby Yoda or even The Little One. Carl Weathers’ Greef Karga makes a similar mistake in The Mandalorian’s Season 3 premiere.

In The Mandalorian’s Season 3 premiere, Mando and Grogu reunited in the lands of Nevarro. The father-son duo is seen on the grounds of Nevarro to mark their presence in front of the Magistrate of Nevarro – a.k.a Greef Karga.

After completing their greetings, Karga proceeds to make an unimaginable mistake in front of Din Djarin. At the first sight of Grogu, the Magistrate cannot help himself but refer to him as the little one and this presses the wrong nerve inside Din Djarin.

As these words make their way out of Greef’s mouth, Djarin cannot help himself as he loses his temper. With a sharp voice and a stern tone, the Mandalorian shows Greef Karga his place as he says. “Grogu! His name is Grogu” demanding respect!


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Putting Respect on Grogu’s Name and Identity

I think we can all agree how Grogu’s moniker has a little kick to it. When his pictures stormed social media, all of us who know nothing about Star Wars took him as a literal Baby Yoda. But now that we’re aware, the time has come to put some respect on Grogu’s name and leave the nickname in the past!

As Grogu’s character develops on The Mandalorian, it looks like he will follow the steps of Yoda and Yaddle from his species and become a Jedi Master in the near future. Therefore, it is better to throw off his nickname, Baby Yoda in a galaxy far far away.

Apart from that, one thing that fans have noticed is how Grogu perks up when you call him by his name. It’s as if, he feels acknowledged and appreciated. If that is not enough for you to let go of “Baby Yoda,” I don’t know what is!

Even though, the Yoda doppelganger looks like a baby, don’t forget that even in his current form, Grogu is 50 years old. This implies that we should not underestimate him despite his size. Grogu may be an infant but he definitely knows how to use the force to his advantage.

Therefore, I believe it’s important to think twice before you call him Baby Yoda again!

maxresdefault 1

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Rising Misconceptions: Confusing Grogu with Jedi Master Yoda

Calling Grogu as Baby Yoda has raised a lot of misconceptions. People have started taking the new character from Yoda and Yaddle’s specie to be a childhood version of Yoda. However, that is not what he is.


When Grogu’s picture spread like wildfire over the internet, everyone who did not follow Star Wars was pretty sure that he is Yoda’s version from the past. This started stirring misconceptions upon Grogu’s identity.

Therefore, I believe that it is important to understand their distinctions. In the Star Wars timeline, Grogu appears after Yoda’s death on Return of the Jedi which is enough to cancel out all claims about calling Grogu Baby Yoda.

In a nutshell, the right time to leave Baby Yoda in the past has arrived upon all of us. Even though the name resonates with the character, Grogu deserves to be acknowledged as his own person. It’s time we understand that Grogu is a rich Star Wars character that has a distinct background and varying powers.

Leaving Baby Yoda as a tale in the past is not an easy job but…May the force be with you as you try to forget Grogu’s monikers successfully!

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