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Siesta Key star Chloe Long recently posted a video on her Instagram of Beyond Meat, enlisting all the unhealthy ingredients used in the making of its products and lashes out at Kim Kardashian for partnering up with such a health-injurious company.

The actress has been on a spiritual journey for a few years now and has launched brands like Emerald Ray Botanicals as a natural ingredient-based skincare line after finding out the risk factors a skincare company poses.

On the contrary, Kardashian partnered with Beyond Meat in May 2022 and since then is being accused of not actually eating their products herself, as all her followers are well aware of her premium plant-based diet.

This time, it was Long who could not contain her anger and lashed out at the media personality, Kim Kardashian saying “Can you not.” She accused Kardashian of asking her fans to consume food that contains cancer-causing elements. The actress also added that people could do anything for a few dollars and would put at stake several human lives all for their paychecks to keep coming.

Siesta Key new episode premiers tomorrow on Fubo TV.

Simran Ashok

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