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Did you know that Showtime has a limited selection of movies and episodes available in 4k Ultra HD? That’s correct! Some games even incorporate Dolby Vision/HDR10 support to broaden the color spectrum on 4k HDR TVs, HDR PC displays, and HDR mobile devices. The Showtime app’s 4k (2160p) and Full HD (1080p) programs have substantially greater resolution than regular broadcast TV (1080i/720p).

Of course, a 4k TV is required to experience the greater quality. Furthermore, adequate bandwidth is required to stream in 4k (over 20Mbps recommended). By clicking on the table header, you may sort the list below by title, resolution, HDR, Audio, and Type (Film, Series, or Documentary).

Please share this website with your friends and return often for updates! See also our list of 4k titles available on Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime Video.


List of Showtime 4k HDR Movies & Shows

16 Shots (2019)4k5.1Doc
1917 (2019)4kDolby Vision5.1Film
After Yang (2022)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
American Psycho (2000)4k5.1Film
American Rust (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
Back To Life (Season 2 only)4k5.1Series
Beverly Hills Cop (1984)4k5.1FilmNew
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
Bitchin’: The Sound and Fury of Rick James4k5.1DocNew
Billions (Season 5 only)4k5.1Series
Gossip (2021)4k5.1DocNew
Dark Waters (2019)4k5.1Film
Dexter: New Blood (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
Eighth Grade (2018)4kDolby Vision5.1Film
Everything’s Gonna Be All White (1 Season)4k5.1SeriesNew
Ex Machina (2015)4k5.1Film
First Reformed (2018)4k5.1Film
First Wives Club (2 Seasons)4k5.1Series
Flatbush Misdemeanors (1 Season)4k5.1Series
Forrest Gump (1994)4k5.1Film
Hereditary (2018)4kDolby Vision5.1Film
High Life (2019)4kDolby Vision5.1Film
Hot Summer Nights (2018)4k5.1Film
I Am The Chi (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
Inglourious Basterds (2009)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
John and the Hole4k5.1FilmNew
Kingdom of Silence (2020)4k5.1Doc
Love Fraud (1 Season)4k5.1Series
Midsommar (2019)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
Minari (2021)4k5.1FilmNew
Moonlight (2016)4k5.1Film
My Psychedelic Love Story (2020)4k5.1Doc
North Hollywood (2021)4k5.1Film
Old Henry (2021)4k5.1FilmNew
Outcry (1 Season)4k5.1Series
Penny Dreadful: City of Angels (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
Queenpins (2021)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
Rad (1986)4k5.1Doc
Ray Donovan: The Movie4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
Resistance (2020)4k5.1Film
Ricky Powell: The Individualist4k5.1DocNew
Rolling Like Thunder (2021)4k5.1DocNew
Room (2016)4k5.1Film
Supervillain (1 Season)4k5.1Series
Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber4kDolby Vision5.1SeriesNew
The Captive (2014)4k5.1Film
The Chi (1 Season)4k5.1Series
The Comey Rule (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
The End (1 Season)4k5.1Series
The Good Lordbird (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
The Green Knight (2021)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
The L Word Generation Q (2 Seasons)4k5.1Series
The Reagans (1 Season)4k5.1Series
The Witch (2016)4k5.1Film
UFO (1 Season)4k5.1Series
Under the Skin (2014)4k5.1Film
Waves (2019)4k5.1Film
We Need To Talk About Cosby (1 Season)4k5.1SeriesNew
Yang (2022)4kDolby Vision5.1FilmNew
Your Honor (1 Season)4kDolby Vision5.1Series
Your’re Watching Video Music Box (2021)4kDocNew
Zola (2021)4k5.1FilmNew