Shin Jae Ha Joins Taxi Driver 2 After Military Discharge


A source has confirmed that Shin Jae Ha joined the cast of Taxi Driver 2 after being discharged from the military services.

The actor joined in the required military duty on November 24, 2020, and was formally dismissed on May 23, 2022, without returning to his unit in accordance with the Korean Republican Army’s policy during COVID-19. Following a year and a half of military duty, the actor ramps up his endeavors, beginning with the SBS action crime thriller.

Taxi Driver is based on the webtoon of the same name and it follows an organization, Rainbow Transport, that conceals itself as a taxi driver but conducts operations by avenging victims of harassment, fraud, and other illegal actions against their offenders.


In Taxi Driver 2, Shin Jae Ha will play Ah Jun On and will be working with the main protagonist, Kim Do Ki, portrayed by Lee Je Hoon, and Rainbow taxi CEO Jang Sung Chul, played by Kim Eui Sung. The cast also features Pyo Ye Jin, who will reprise her role as software expert Ahn Go Eun.

Shin Jae Ha is popularly known for his character of the reclusive Kim Hong Sik in the 2017 Korean drama “Trace of the Hand,” although he made his acting debut with the 2014 film “Futureless Things.”

Before joining the military, the actor appeared in the 2020 series “My Unfamiliar Family” alongside Han Ye Ri, Kim Ji Suk, and Choo Ja Hyun.