Saudi Arabia breaks Argentina’s 36-match ‘unbeaten record’


Ever since it was announced that Saudi Arabia and Argentina are in the same group of the FIFA World Cup, fans gave out their verdicts. The majority of people predicted that the Argentina football team will win their first opening match as always.

Argentina received a disheartening reality check when their 2022 World Cup debut against Saudi Arabia went horribly wrong, losing 2-1 despite taking a 1-0 lead at the half.

Lionel Messi’s early penalty kick gave the South American champions the lead. With that everything appeared to be going according to plan. However, a series of goals were disallowed due to offside play in the first half keeping Saudi Arabia in the game.

Few could have presumed the outcome of the second half. Especially given Argentina’s dominance, even with a lead at the half. With a lively crowd behind them, Saudi Arabia made a great second-half comeback.

Three minutes after the restart, they tied the score through Saleh Alshehri, surprising Argentina. Five minutes later, Salem Aldawsari, who had been shooting from the edge of the box, curled in a beautiful second to change the course of the game.

Saudi Arabia improved dramatically after that. Their defensive line was flawless. Goalkeeper Mohammed Al-Owais played flawlessly, and Hassan Al-Tambakti celebrated a goal-saving tackle on Messi as if he had scored himself.

After the match was over, Argentina and Messi were in a puzzling situation. They lost their first opening match and are now in a disheartening state.

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