Riverdale Actor Ryan Grantham Went Rogue


Ryan Grantham who featured on Riverdale earlier pled guilty to shooting and murdering his mother. He also intended to assassinate Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The twenty-four-year-old actor informed an officer sitting in a police car, “I killed my mother.”

Ryan Grantham shot his mother Barbara Waite in the back of the head while she was playing the piano in their home in March 2020.

The next day, Ryan packed his car with three firearms, ammo, 12 Molotov cocktails, camping gear, and printed Google map instructions to Rideau Cottage, where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lives. In his police statement and excerpts from his private journal read aloud in court, the actor said he intended to murder Trudeau.


It was revealed in court that Ryan had been feeling desperate and tempted to conduct violence in the months preceding up to the killing. He was also going through a “intense period of clinical depression,” struggling with school, consuming a lot of marijuana, and considering suicide.

Ryan Grantham had been acting since he was a child, and his most recent role was as Jeffery Augustine in Riverdale season 5. He also appeared in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Supernatural.

Ryan pled guilty to second-degree murder and has been sentenced to twenty-five years in prison.