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Some roles need more than merely acting, and Renée Zellweger‘s latest character displays this perfectly.

NBC’s new limited series The Thing About Pam is a true crime story premiering on March 8. It’s no easy task to take on the persona of a real-life character, especially when that person is a killer but our beloved Oscar winner has proved us wrong. 

The star wore a body suit, prosthetics, and a bobbed wig to play convicted murderer Pam Hupp, whose case gained attention after a Dateline podcast episode was aired.

Renée Zellweger revealed that the entire process of donning the prosthetics and make up took about four hours but after it turned down to two when the team got hang of it. While talking to Variety, she was seen praising her team who helped her to look unrecognizable.

It was a team of magicians. What they’re capable of is pretty miraculous.

Not just the make-up, when adorning the character of vicious Hupp, Renée Zellweger did not miss the slightest of details. She resorted to everything from Hupp’s attire, the ill-fitting sweaters and gaudy robes abound, to accessories which was the enormous gas-station soda cup, her mannerism and even the low pitched too sweet voice too.


Jenny Klein the showrunner when was asked about Zellweger performance, she told Variety,

I have Pam Hupp burned into my brain. I studied her, watched everything there was to watch and more. Seeing Renée walk on stage was really surreal and also a little scary. It wasn’t just the physical embodiment, it was also the way Pam talks, her mannerisms, the way she talks with her hands. It was the whole package.

The fans around the world are hyped up to see Renée in the new character and are expecting more than her previous roles. Zellweger herself is very satisfied with the experience and walking away happily.


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