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Modern Family stars Sarah Hayland and Adam Devine reunite on the sets of Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin and are rekindling memories of joy.

In a recent interview with 13WTHR, Hayland claims that they have matured together and continue to watch out for one another through thick and thin. The actress says, “It’s so fun. We have so many Easter eggs from the film, and it’s really that ongoing theme of friendship and growth and how when you’re really there for one another and care about each other, it can really help change you as a person all for the better.”

Sarah Hayland

When pressed more about their relationship, the actress did reveal their new “ship” name, Humper. The actress claims that their on-screen connection is the best and that she would always want to work with Adam because they both love each other’s company.

Hayland says, “We both agree that we have amazing chemistry together, and we love working with each other. We have come up with a new ‘ship’ name for these characters, just like ‘Handy,’ Haley and Andy: We have ‘Humper,’ Heidi, and Bumper — only appropriate ‘ship’ names for Adam Devine and myself.”

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin will premiere on Peacock TV on November 23.

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