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Late Late Show host James Corden is frequently in the news and the subject of a worldwide petition, but now there is a movement to stop the actor from returning to the United Kingdom after leaving his show.

James Corden has revealed that he will be spending more time in his home UK after leaving his US show, which has made him one of the greatest entertainers on both sides of the Atlantic.

There has been a slew of petitions against the star; opposing his participation in the Wicked musical film and another condemning his ‘anti-Asian’ game on The Late Late Show, which saw celebrities cringe while trying traditional Asian cuisine. The latest attack on Corden is a particularly harsh campaign urging him to stay in the US.

The official petition read.

Eight years ago, James Corden left the UK for the US to work on The Late Show. Since then, we’ve had to collectively deal with the impact of the Tory government, Brexit and Covid-19. But throughout, there was that slight beacon of hope and that was the gaping, fat hole left by the comedy equivalent of prostate cancer; James Corden. But now he’s leaving The Late Show and is returning to our British pastures. So I beg you, if you do one thing today, please, I implore you to sign this petition.

Unfortunately for the petition’s creator, it appears that he will be returning to British land shortly. Variety recently spoke with Ben Turner, co-founder of James’ production company Fulwell 73.

[Corden] has just got so many strings to his bow, and Late [Late Show] is a big commitment that’s taken up so much of his time. We’re just really excited about having him back in the UK, and all the stuff that that entails, but it is a big moment for us.

James Corden have previously stated that he and his wife Julia Carey are happy to return to their hometown, but he also stated that he ‘loves’ being in Los Angeles.

Maryam Ahtesham

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