Olivia Wilde on directing second movie: It’s harder for women to get second chances


Olivia Wilde opens up on getting the opportunity to get behind the camera once again, with Don’t Worry Darling premiering in September.

Florence Pugh and Harry Styles feature as a married couple living in a charming, adventurous paradise named Victory in Wilde’s second directorial outing following 2019’s indie high school coming-of-age narrative Booksmart. Styles plays Jack and Pugh portrays Alice, a housewife whose reality begins to shatter, revealing frightening secrets beneath her deceptively flawless existence.


In a recent interview with Variety, Olivia Wilde discusses directing her second movie and says women in this industry often don’t get second chances.

“It’s harder for women to get a second chance at directing. I was so lucky. My movie didn’t make a billion. It struck enough of a nerve of the cultural zeitgeist that I was allowed to have another opportunity. I really feel, at this point, that I have earned the right to say I’m a director.”

Expectations are undoubtedly high for Don’t Worry Darling, not just from the fans but from critics as well. The film will make its Venice Film Festival debut on September 5. If the picture, which had a budget of roughly $20 million, succeeds at the box office when it premieres on September 23, Wilde will join a small group of top-tier female directors. 

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